100% Perfect Ch.8

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100% Perfect Ch.8

**Three Days Later**

**Bailey’s POV**         

Just your average Amtrak station. You know, people running by, trains whirring, etcetera. My mom paid for tickets as Gordon bought us sandwiches at Subway. I tapped my foot and looked around. A fat woman was holding her sandwich away from her child, who was extremely distraught. I rolled my eyes. May as well play a head game while I waited. “Give me the freaking sandwich you crazy woman.” I said telepathically. She widened her eyes at the maybe three-year old. Then, angrily, she growled.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I never wanted you, you worthless child.” The child cried harder. My heart clenched at the mother. The baby boy was so skinny, his baggy shirt made him seem like a mouse trapped under a towel. “It wasn’t your kid.” I said mentally. She jumped, then looked around. “The girl in line, brunette, brown eyes.” She looked at me, but I looked away, acting like your general overly bored teenager. “Maybe you should feed your kid something, he looks like he’s going to die.” She gulped, then cautiously tore a bit of her sandwich and gave it to the kid. He wolfed it down, tears still in his eyes. “Good.” I said, then Gordon handed our sandwiches and we went for mom. 

I ended up sitting alone on the train. Not exactly alone, just away from my “family.” I sat by a dorky redhead with pigtails and glasses, snot running from her nose. I didn’t say anything. No need to. I just sat and looked out the window, my mind wandering to David. “Wonder what he’d say now.” I muttered. “Who?” Said the girl next to me. I almost forgot she was there since she was so quiet. “Oh, just…no one.” I said. “Oh come one! Tell me!” She said, and then snorted. I could bet she was maybe fifteen, probably running away. 

“Uh…my uhh…boyfriend.” I lied. “Omigod, you have a boyfriend? I want one! I heard they’re soooo in!” She said excitedly. I mentally rolled my eyes. “Umm, yeah. He’s really nice, he’s just in California right now. We’re moving.” I lied yet again. Well, technically we were leaving Pennsylvania for Missouri, but let’s let her believe otherwise. “Aww, that sucks. I hope you last!” She said, pigtails bobbing back and forth. I sighed. “Me too.” I said, then went back to looking out the window.

**Stephanie’s POV**       

            Gordon sat next to me, asleep. I leaned against his shoulder, fuzzy blue blanket covering me. This was… different. I’d never really focused on love before, just my grades, college, the Lab. And then Bailey. Was she really 100% perfect? I’d always doubted it. Was it really possible with science? She has her flaws. Back when we had our house she forgot to put her socks in her hamper. To make her bed. To do her chores.  I yawned. Now we were headed to Missouri. Not really all that different from Pennsylvania, at least I don’t think. We were headed for middle-of-no where Missouri, a town called Windsor. Gordon’s parents had a house there before they died. I shifted a bit, and my eyes got heavy. I looked up a Gordon. He snoozed gently, eyes occasionally fluttering. It would be a long ride. I closed my eyes, and sleep soon overcame me.

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