Never Draw a Line

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Noah carried me up to my room and set me carefully on my bed. He brushed the hair out of my face and sat next to me. I stared at the floor and staled out. I just stared at my leg. Lifeless. I was stuck. I watched as Noah waved his hand in front of my eyes. I could not move.
"Nati what's wrong?"
He shook my leg lightly. His eyes grew with tears as he got on his knees in front of me. He looked in my eyes. I stopped. I fell on top of him sobbing.
I stuttered roughly as I sobbed. I don't know what just happened. Noah fixes me so I was not putting on extra pressure on my wounds. I fixed my head into the crook of his neck and slowly stopped crying. He rubbed my scar like normal and tucked hair behind my ears. I laid there for awhile. I felt my hand be placed on Noah's chest. It was warm and smooth. It felt a bit awkward that we were still like this, after the long day we have been through. Why does Noah still wanna be friends with me? I'm just weird, and have a dangerous family! But Noah always has been like this. Always here for me. Lines are never needed to be drawn. Their dangerous. They hurt relationships between friends. Noah slowly picked my chin up and looked in my eyes.
"Nati. I've.. we've.. ummm... you know what. Never mind."
I stared at his sparkling eyes. They were beaut- I can't believe what I'm thinking right now. I can't believe that I'm thinking about this. But no! Noah is a friend and only a friend. But he still gives me the butterflies of the first time we met. His sweet heart is always here for me when I need him. But what do I do for him? One word. Nothing! I feel bad for him because  I never help him. Noah ran his fingers through my hair. He has a gentle smile.
"It's getting late. You should go to bed."
"No. No bed Noah."
Noah shook his head and stood me up on my feet. I sat back on my side of the bed and watched Noah. He walked over to my dresser and grabbed my pajamas that were neatly folded. Noah also grabbed my hair brush, and night anxiety meds. Noah handed me my stuff and got up and smiled. I collected enough courage to grab my crutches and hobble over to my closet. I grabbed his pajamas and handed them to him.
"Natalia, do you want me to sleep over?"
I smiled! Yes! Please Noah Yes!
"Yes! Yes! Please?!"
Noah had a huge grin on his face. He held me in a side hug as he walked over and called his mom.
"Hey mom! Yeah... so... Mom...Can I sleep over at Nati's?... ok... no... I will. Bye!
I smiled as I handed over his pajamas and hobbled to the bathroom closet. I grabbed the brush in Noah's cup and stumbled back to my room. I handed Noah his brush and smiled. Noah went to go change in the bathroom. I then noticed this would be harder than expected. I wound up sitting on my bed and using my powers to be able to get dressed. It felt like it took hours, when I probably took 10 minutes. I opened the door and let Noah in as I hobbled over to my bed to get my brush. Noah took my brush and held it above my head.
"Noah! Give it back!"
"No. I want to brush your hair!"
I pouted and attempted to grab my brush, only to fail miserably. I finally surrendered and sat on my bed. Noah sat behind me and took out my hair band and scrunchie. Slowly, he brushed the my wavy hair without stopping. I heard him giggling behind me and I just closed my eyes. I felt Noah's soft hand holding my head still. His hand moved forward and landed on my cheek. I smiled and felt Noah's hand rub gently. Noah grabbed my hair tie and started to collect hair. He pulled all my hair accept for a few forgotten strands, and put it in a low ponytail.
"That was enjoyable! And not to mention hard!"
I started laughing and got up off the bed and grabbed Noah's brush.
"My turn! My turn!"
I hopped behind Noah and started to brush his hair back. I was super happy Noah was sober this time. This was going to be fun! I found that I had started giggling loudly. I continued brushing his hair, and felt my hand move around to his cheek. Oops! I felt Noah start grinning. I was so happy to brush his hair back.  I finished and was not happy. Noah started dieing at the pouting face I made. I hobbled over to the stairs and yelled at Noah.
"Noah! I need help going down the stairs!"
Noah came walking over and smiled like he was up to something. He scooped me up and carried me down the stairs. I started giggling like crazy as he brought me to the door. I turned the lock and he ran up the stairs with me in his arms. He placed me down gently on my bed, and jumped on the other side of the bed. Noah places a soft pillow gently under my leg. I smiled as Noah turned and looked me in the eyes. He grabbed my hand and rubbed my rough knuckles. I loved how he held my hands even though they are hard like rocks. I tried to close my eyes but failed. I grasped Noah's hand and drifted of to sleep. Best Worst Day ever!

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