Simple Ways Women Can Make The First Move

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Slip Into Some Sexy Costume

You obviously know his favorite color and costume and what are you waiting for? Just slip into your and his favorite lingerie and be ready to make him go flat. He will notice and immediately grab you, proving he is pleasantly surprised and ready to give you attention. Looks will instantly turn him on. And make his penile all set for some steamy sex session unless and until he is not suffering from ay impotence issues. If impotence is causing a barrier for your lovemaking session, then take the help of Malegra 100.

Put Your Hand On His Leg While You Are Cuddling On The Couch

Gradually creep it closer to his manhood or to be precise be close to his penile. He will be instantly hard in his jeans. If his penile is not be able to rise even after turning on then they might be suffering from impotence. treat this condition with the help of Malegra 100.

Invite Him To Join You In The Shower

Everybody knows what that means – Shower Sex! one of the most desired yet a bit difficult forms of sex.

Undress Very Slowly In Front Of Him

Most guys love seeing a girl put on or take off their clothes as they hug her curves, or watching her breasts bounce while she takes a bra off.

Send Him A Text Saying The Naughty Things You Want Him To Do To You Later

This can be a great way to tell him what you want in bed. And this will also help him be ready with all the essential likes condoms and Malegra 100.

Make A Bet Where The Winner Gets To Be The Dominator In The Bed

Chances are, it will create a little sexual competition and both of you will get what you want in the long run.

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