The Darkness That Lives Withen

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sorry I havent been able to upload in a while. i decided to make this a 2 person type story so you can understand more about the war. enjoy for now an do please do comment on the story so i can make better adjustments to my story. hope you like it. sorry bout grammatical and spelling errors. also if you have any questions please ask <=========[=]

Tori's POV

Slash left, slash right, upper cut, left hook. Im fighting for my life in the training room and I have a feeling that it wont get any better. The light core is trying to train me to be ready to kill any dark reapers that fall in my line of sight. Out the corner of my eye I saw another enemy halogram with a sythe aiming at my throat. I jumped and rolled over the top of the reaper's shoulder and dragged my sythe through it jaws leaving blood that was never real to spill everywhere. "Training Log finished. You may now leave the halogram area. Walking steady i leave the arena and head for the showers. my name is princess tori and i am the heir of the neo reaper reign. my father never had a son and i dont plan on getting married so i assumed the place my so called shouldve been brother was supposed to fill. i guess you can say im physically fit becaus ever since i was 5, my dad said i needed to defend myself at any given moment. im almost 5"10 and weigh at least 175 which is good because i like to be light on my feet when im fighting. i have an hour glass frame and alot of the neo males want me physically but they all can kiss my ass. a bunch of weak animals

the shower feels cold today unlike other days when it piping hot. God i feel sor eall over my body and i cant do nothing about it. after washing the soap off i turn the water off and grab a towel off my rack and go to my closet. in almost a second using my telekenisis magic i was dressed within a minute. i grabbed my coat and was out to enjoy the night life of the human world. i went to club after club and danced and drink my life down to the bare minimum. alot of the human men thought they could take advantage of me but that didnt seem to work out for them. from out the corner of the club some white wanna be malebu barbie bitch called me a drunkin bitch and and i was hoggin all the guys. first of all i didnt even want all this attention. if i wanted all this attention i would have stayed in the neolite dimension. yes we have diffrent dimensions. death, neo, paleo, etc. you get the pic. i should give her a peice of my mind but im not. instead i spilled a giant pitcher of beer on her using my telekentic powers. i love the sound of screams. it makes all my pains and sorrows go away.

Edwards P.O.V.

Ive been walking in this fucking desert for almost 3 days now and stil no sight of anything. wait whats that in the distance. a girl... crying with a man standing behind her.....with a blade to her throat. i sprint as fast as i can but by the time i get half way there im to late. the blade slides easily through her throat and blood flies everywhere. i scream but its worth nothin as i fall to my knees if agony. the scream was one of pain and anguish because as i crawled to the dead girl on the floor i see now the bloody face of my sister who had drowned in front of my own eyes. now i cry and i anger begins to build.not only for my sister but for my family who drowned as well. i close my eyes and watch as thoughts of death and murder fill my head. i feel myself floating in the sky and im slowly growing more angry. i feel myslef grow strong as i watch my muscles pulsate with new found power. i scream and release a orange glow the vaporizes anything within a 5 mile radius. i have jus seen my sister murdered in front of me yet i cant do anything about it. i scream again and a the the radius of the glow grows from 5 to7. then from 7 to 9. then i grow weary and land hard on the scorched ground and weep not for myself but form my lost family. i then fall asleep and float depper into my soul knowing that i have passed my first test of becoming a death reaper.

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