Chapter 27

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I walk into the room where my wife is laying peacefully on the bed. It's almost a mind-fuck to me because as I'm walking in its a room like any other in our Manor. Grand and beautiful with her laying looking beautiful and peaceful as if just reating. You would never know that she's barely hanging on. As think to myself my anger grows coursing through me like lava boiling for the taste of someone's blood.

'How could they? How could anyone want to hurt an angel?' I think. I kneel down beside the bed take her hand within mine. I laugh. "I always told you that you are made for me. Look your smile diligent beautiful hand fits perfectly into my large rough one. You're even cool to the touch which is complements my burning flesh." I say. Listen Kitten, I'm going to need you to wake up now. I know you like your beauty rest but truth be told you don't need it you're already the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. You're so beautiful they write that girly shit you call sonnets that you love so much just about your beauty." I soothe. " You know I don't write that cause I'm not down for that kind of shit but I'd hire someone to write that fancy having girls cry kinda shit for you if you wake up." I say as I rub my thumb over her hand.

"I've never been a weak man in my life not even as a child but the right now baby girl you have me as scared a small child fearing the monsters in his closet. I have lived life without you and I can honestly say it wasn't living. I was just existing. Now you don't want that for me doll face right? I know you, no matter how mad you are you want nothing but the best for me because you love me so I'm going to need you to wake up because you're the best for me. When your around me I can finally live life instead of just existing in it." I say. "I know I don't deserve you and I'm okay with that I don't mind being a selfish man because you're mine all day everyday. I need you by my side." I say to her as tears are now streaming down my face.

I look out the window seeing this Sky filled with stars. "Listen Lord, I know you and I don't always see eye-to-eye matter fact we never do and I know that I'm not your favorite person. Matter fact I'm probably on your top fucktardes list and I'm okay with that. I grew up in a religious house. My mother is very religious as you know she talks to you multiple times a day." I explain. "I just don't feel it's right to pray to you and worship you while I'm doing things that you disapprove of. I have more respect for you than to ask for forgiveness and lie saying I'm not going to do it again knowing damn well I will. So instead I'd rather just go about my business and you go about yours so that I don't offend you." I continued. "All my life I've never asked you for anything because I felt like I've never should have because there's other people out there that need your help and I'm strong enough to do what I need to to get what I want." I say trying to keep a steady voice. "This time now I can't do it. I'm not strong enough. I need your help. No she needs your help. Our innocent child needs your help. I know I'm a bad man I don't pretend to be anything that I'm not matter of fact relish in it because I know it's safer that way. She however is innocent. Mind you she has a mouth and it's a sweet, sexy, sassy mouth that just makes me want to... nevermind we don't need to get into that." I say trying to stay focused. "Just know at the end of the day she is a good person. She cares about people and good person stuff like that. She takes the time to get to know people personally. She is like no other I believe she is an actual angel sent to me from you to help curb my devilish ways and I thank you for that. However now she needs help that I can't give to her. Trust me I would do anything for her." I rant. "How about this....Let's Make a deal shall we? You don't want me up there causing all kinds of hell so I'm not going to offer my soul for hers because we both know that she's destined for heaven..... So the deal is... I can't live without her by my side functioning properly and I'm not about to die today. With that said you bring her back to me healthy with my child and everything is good because I swear if you take her from me.... I will claw my way out of hell just to climb to heaven to take back what is mine. Trust me you don't want me up there. I'm like those unwanted family members at the holidays annoying a fuck and never want to leave once they get there and they are  always fucking shit up." I say.

"Truth is at the end of the day I love her. I love her so much it hurts. Like physically hurts. My body yearns for her and not just in a sexual way but as if she was life itself." I explained as I start wiping my tears. "So listen, I've never done this before and I don't plan to do it again let this be my one favor or whatever just know that if you take her from me you're going to be seeing me real soon so you might want to prepare for a storm coming. Thank you it's been a good talk I guess or whatever." I said kissing her hand.

"Baby girl you tell anybody I prayed to God and I'm going to punish you so badly you will not be able to leave the bed for a week." I laugh. I spend the rest of my time sitting there not really knowing how many hours have passed but knowing that I can't leave.

The door burst open and Caleb comes running in. "Have you found anything?" I asked. "Yes, but we have a situation." He says as the door opens again with my parents, Marco and Philippe coming in behind him. "Well what have you found?" I asked. "It was the milkshakes....the young housekeeper.... the one that you sent to have her make milkshake for Athena before we left. She's been making Athena milkshakes the whole time we have been in Paris. She's the one who's poisoned her." Caleb says. "And how do we know this are you positive?" I asked. "Yes, my team has scanned everything at the house and the blender along with  the dishes used to make Athena's milkshakes have all tested positive for those toxins. While everything else including your plane and Limo have come back negative. My men asked around and found out it was Rebecca that is the only one to make the drink for her. We have her and she confessed everything." Philippe explains.

"Why? Why would she want to hurt Athena?" I asked. "That's the situation we have.... Elizabeth is missing and from what we understand she has Katherine. Somehow they were able to escape. From what the young lady says Katherine offered 10 million dollars to her all she had to do was put a powder into the milkshakes. Rebecca claimed she didn't know what the powder was for all she knew it was vitamins but she also didn't care...she just wanted the money." Caleb explains.

"Bring Rebecca to me. Find Elizabeth and Katherine. Freeze any accounts associated with their names. Search any properties associated with them. I want no stone unturned. When found I want them brought to me alive." I ordered. I look at Marco. "I hope you know when I find your wife and stepdaughter they will be brought back here and I will make them beg for their lives. Until they realize that no one will help them then they will start begging for death and quite frankly I don't give a damn if you're okay with it or not. No one I mean no one harms my wife and lives." I seethe.

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