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"Open! Gate to the natural world, Earth", Rei, Todoroki's mother, gives a small smile, a sad one. A smile that whispered 'good luck' yet she also had a hint of disappointment in her eyes. A light blue portal summons within the mercury lake, Todoroki turns away from his mother, ignoring the supervisor and his father. "Hopefully you'll appreciate your luxury life here once you see the life of those without divine powers. You should have listened to me instead of searching for this fake liberty", Enji raises his chin , looking down on his son, before exiting the room. The two-toned haired boy steps into the gate, falling through in an instant, away from the land of the gods. And just like that, one of the greatest child prodigies was gone, at least for a period of time.


"How do I put this.. Kacchan, I'm really sorry but I don't like you back in that way. I l-like someone else haha", Midoriya steps back, rubbing his neck "You'll find someone better than me.. I'm sure of it Kaccha-". Bakugou does a sharp turn, walking away from the freckled boy, "don't call me that anymore". Midoriya frowns in pity before turning the opposite direction and walks away from the area, looking over his shoulder sadly.

Where's one place you go when you're distraught? For Bakugou it was a remote lake in the forest. It was hidden by thick willow trees and large rocks. Fireflies flew around the glass like water, it was truly a place where he could calm down. Bakugou settles on a patch of grass, warm tears rolling down his face. His eyes gaze at the dark sky where only some stars could be seen.


Todoroki was descending. He watched as the gate closed behind him in a flash, it was the last divine thing he was going to see in a while. However, this moment wasn't the time to sulk in melancholy. He flipped himself around to look at the earth beneath him. Grounds without anything god-like, disgusting. His eyes fixed on a body of water, he didn't know how much magic he could use so playing it safe was the best option. Todoroki attempted to create an ice path down to the ground, but it rendered useless as only pathetic little shards were formed. He braced himself for the impact, turning to face the sky as he was heading towards the water rapidly.


Above something was falling. Bakugou rubs his eyes before locking his eyes on the object, "A shooting star?". He stands up, backing up a little as he watches the 'star' fall. As it gets closer and closer to the ground he realises that it probably wasn't a star, rather are human. Bakugou quickly runs into the lake, him knee deep in water, trying to pinpoint where the person was going to land. It was far too dark to tell and this 'shattered hero' was about to witness a death. Bakugou closes his eyes as the person falls in. Instead of a loud splash or smack, it was a peaceful ripple. Perhaps all the crying made him see things. He opened his eyes to see a male sat in the water. His hair was two different colours and looked to be around Bakugou's age. The strange entity look up, his bi-coloured eyes meeting with the blood stained ones.

Prologue finished-


Hi, it's the author. I hope you enjoyed the first part to my new story. I've never wrote stories like this before but i gave it a try so I'm sorry if its not up to the standards haha. Please leave feedback and sorry for any silly mistake.

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