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"Why did you do it? How did you know?" Dahyun asked Jungkook, they went to his apartment after.

"You're not a good liar." Jungkook answered, Dahyun sighed.

"I'm sorry. I just hope this wouldn't reach to Jin oppa. I just don't want to ruin JHope sunbaenim's day."

"You didn't, It's Eunha's fault. You worked hard for the cake, but Eunha threw it? I can't believe her." Jungkook shook his head.

"I understand, she told me not to show kindness to JHope sunbaenim for me to get close to him."

"She said that?"

"She call it sympathy, I am not. I just want him to forget what happened, he doesn't deserve this." Dahyun shook her head. Jungkook held both of her hands.

"I know." Jungkook hugged her.

"I think I should go." Dahyun looked up to him.


"Home, I want to rest." She sighed.

"This is also home." He said.

"Your home, not mine. Forget about what happened today, Jungkook. Promise me you won't tell anything to Jin oppa." She said and he nodded slowly. She pecked his lips and separated from his hug. "I'll go now." She said and turned around.

"I'll take you home."

"No need. I'll just ride a taxi, you should go back with BTS and celebrate JHope sunbaenim's birthday." She smiled and left.


"Eunbi, for the second time. What is wrong with you?" JHope asked Eunha.

"You don't need a cake from her." She said.


"Can't you see? She's trying to get your attention. Starting right now, giving you a cake for your birthday knowing that Jin oppa is not giving her attention." Eunha rolled her eyes.

"What? You're just the only one saying that. It's just a cake from her, I read her letter. It's also a peace offering of what happened few days ago, see? You're the one who hurt her yet she's the one saying sorry." JHope shook his head. "Are we really okay, Eunbi?"

"Of course, but for what you are saying right now." Eunha shook her head. "It's all coming back again, nothing will make this relationship right." Eunha turned around.

"Where are you going? You're doing this to me?" JHope asked. Eunha didn't mind him and left. JHope took a deep breath and stayed in his house, he's trying to reach Eunha but she's not answering.

He received a call thinking if it's Eunha, but no. It's Dahyun.

"Dahyun, I'm sorry about ear-"

"Sunbae, you don't have to say sorry. I am sorry, I ruined your day. If it wasn't because of me, this won't be happening. I still want to make it all up to you, sunbae."

"You don't have to, Dahyun. Thank you, for the cake... I'm really sorry, I appreciate it a lot."

"I'll talk to Eunha eonni, sunbae. Don't worry, nothing will happen. I promise."


"I'm exhausted to filming." Jungkook said when they got finished, he called Dahyun to come over but she reasoned that she can't because she's doing something. But she really is not busy.

"I feel guilty to Jin hyung, he doesn't know what happened, right?" JHope asked Jungkook. He nodded.

"Dahyun asked me a favor not to, I understand her." Jungkook said, JHope sighed.

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