Chapter 25

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Wake up from my nap still in Vincenzo's arms. "Did you have a good nap doll face?" He asks. "Yes except for I don't feel very good now." I say to him. "Stacy do you mind getting my wife some snacks and maybe a tea to calm her stomach. Nothing with too much sugar or too much caffeine after all she is pregnant." He says to the stewardess who's always given him flirty eyes. She nods her head dim in response and Winks before leaving.

I let out a low growl not even realize I did it until Vincenzo Whispers in my ear. "Trust me doll face she has nothing on you. No one does." He says. "How would you know if she has nothing on me have you slept with her before?" I asked. He looks at me studying me but his eyes showering with guilt. "I'm not going to lie to you kitten. I have tasted many women. More than I can actually remember. That was all before you you have to realize that. Since you there has never been another because I don't count the incident with your sister that was not of my choosing. You're like my own personal drug my body my mind my soul my heart only craves you." He explains as he strokes my cheek the back of his fingers.

"So you have slept with her and that's why she keeps giving you flirty eyes." I say what the pout. "Flirty eyes?" He asks with a chuckle. "Yes, flirty eyes you know those come-hither take me to bed rip off my clothes dive deep within my loins kind of eyes." I say to him. "Well I have not noticed her flirty eyes thank goodness because I quite frankly think she has lifeless shit for eyes and that would just be weird. Now speaking of flirty eyes and all that you explained it was when am I going to get to see your flirty eyes?" He asked. "I don't have pretty eyes I'm a good girl." I say with sweet smile. He he laughs has he tightens his hold on me.

"The things we do are quite sinful my doll face.... good girls don't do naughty things like that." He says can a sexy tone. "I have no idea what you're talking about like I said I'm a good girl I don't do naughty things." I say as if I have no idea what he's meaning. He growls low and dominant. "How do you think we got that bun in the oven darling. I can remember quite a few naughty things you did hell I'm surprised we don't have more kids on the way but then again you did swallow  half of them." He says laughing.

"I really don't need to hear this." My father says coming from the restroom into where we're sitting. I go beat red and smack Vincenzo's on the chest. "How dare you. I'm so mad at you.. I cannot believe you said that." I stay with mortification. "Oh don't worry kitten I'll make sure to make it up to you tonight." He said. "I hate you." I say to him. Well you know what they say nothing's better than hate sex." He smiles wickedly. "Oh my God I can't even." I say out loud.

The stewardess finally comes in with my tea and a few pastries. I quickly eat the pastries but the tea is God awful. "Come on sweetheart you've got to finish your tea going to help soothe your stomach pains." Vincenzo Whispers. I just nod pushing back the tears in my eyes and down the cup of tea. The plane finally lands an hour later but the pain has it subsided it's actually a lot worse. We get into the limousine and we're driving back to Vincenzo's Manor and at this point I'm just crying.

He's already called a doctor to be there on scene. We finally pull up and I can see bunch of people waiting out by the door. It looks like a whole team of doctors and nurses along with Vincenzo's men and some of the housekeeping. "All right sweetheart we're here I'm going to carry you inside okay." He says to me.

I didn't answer him but then I start vomiting everywhere. He quickly scoops me out lifting me up in the air. "Something is wrong! Something is very wrong!" he shouts and doctors come over. "We need to get her in to the examination room and then we'll know more. How long is she been throwing up?" The doctor asked.

"She just threw up but she's complained about stomach pains the whole time." My father interrupted. "Let's get her inside quickly so we can begin to treat her." The doctor says and that's the last thing I here before the darkness consumes me and I passed out.

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