Vampire Sisters ch.4: Stories

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Vampire Sisters Ch.4: Stories

The apartment or as i like to call it la casa de bright, because most of the rooms are all bright colors, has a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a large bathroom ( with a shower, toilet and his and hers sinks), and a laundry room. The living room is a beutiful bright sky blue, and has a 50 inch flat screen T.V., a coffee table, a desk with a computer on it, two couches, and two floor lamps with baby pink shades in opposite corners. The kitchen is like a sunsets yellow orangy color ( which is why we love it, and love to be in there cooking) with a sink, refrigerator and freezer, stove/oven, microwave (thats to old to count the years), pantry, and toaster. Now my bedroom is a very bright turquoise blue with  peace sign stickers all over the walls and my door, my closet (which i just recently organized yay), a queen sized bed, dresser with a mirrior, a tv and dvd player with a tivo on it all. On top of all that is a bird house I made with my grandpa. There is also a radio, a pink white and purple floor lamp with 5 shades that make the lamp look like eyes. Ther is also a bed side table, and framed on the tale is a picture of a movie I was in when i was 11 (in fifth  grade) ( because i love to act). Clares' bedroom has two bright colors on her walls. One color is a bright yellowish gold, the other is a bright pink. Her bedroom has two twin beds, a T.V. with a dvd player on the wall, a walk in closet ( she may have the closet but i have the bigger room) which is very organized ( but she doen't think so), a bedside table and a lamp on it, two small dressers (about the size of my big one put together), flower stickers on the wall above the beds, and a radio. We both have a framed picture of the two of us at the beach in the water with humongous waves crashing behind us.

The bathroom is beach themed. It has real shells and conch shells that my sister and I found one summer in the bahamas . The bathroom has creamy fluffy white towels, and a sand dollar with sand dollar soap look alikes. Next is the laundry room. It is neon green with blue and black poka-dots, with a laundry machine and drier of course. There are also two black laubdry baskets to match some of the black poka-dots.

By now about five minutes have passed and Clare and I are sitting on a couch with the coffee table ( which doubles into a kitchen table) in front of us. on the other side of the table sat Tim and Damien. Finally to break the dreadful silence I spoke " So how old are you both really? And don't tell me you guys are 19 and 18."

Tim said with sadness " We have been vampires for 113 years today."

I said with a little bit of compassion for him " Happy birthday..."

Then a curious clare said " So we got turned on the same day, just 113 years apart?"

Damien gave her the answer " Yes."

Then still curious clare asked Damien " Who turned you two and why?"

Damien again answered her "Our ex girlfriends tirned us because they thought we had a future together and also because we broke up with them and they got pissed."

I had to ask Tim and so i did " Where are they now and what are their names?"

  And he responded " Their names are Gina and Darlene, a few months after they turned us and we left them we realized that they were evil and wanted world domination. So one night we tried to destroy them and then they bounced. We never saw them again, but I have a feeling that they are somwhere out there in the world."

I had to ask or nobody else would " So how do you destroy a vampire?"

" The only way is with fire." Damien said.

" You have to burn them to ashes." Tim added.

" Is human food poison to vampires?" asked clare

"no its not poison." started Tim, but Damien added, " It's just not very appetizing."

I nodded taking all this in as fast as i could like taking giant gulps of water to quench a burning thirst. 

" How fast and strong are we?" I asked excited for the cool stuff.

Tim said " We are lightning fast and as for the strength hmm well the most wieght i've ever lifted was a commercial jet loaded with people."

I was so shocked my mouth dropped open and the guys laughed at me.

One of them i was to shocked to know which one said  " I know its alot to take in."

I nodded in sync with my sister.

My sister and I continued with these questions about being a vampire for the rest of the morning. We learned that vampires don't go to the bathroom, in response Clare thought: "So much for the toiet!" I giggled and the guys looked confused because they missed something. We also learned that vampires don't sleep but that they can, and that we can't gain or lose weight. And thats only the half of it. We also let them ask us questions, like when our parents died (4 years ago) and how long we've been living alone (4 years). Tim asked me my interests (singing, dancing, acting, modeling, volleyball, some tennis, yoga, karate, wresteling, shopping etc. I also asked Tim his interests. They are playing tennis, karate, painting, basketball, drawing etc. and the more we talked the less i hated him and actually started to like him, we are very compatible. We both also love to swim and love rolar coasters and water slides and taking pictures, but he would prefer drawing or painting them. We're both very outgoing and unlike clare and damien who clicked right away we had to get to know eachother a little. And then i saw in his eyes that he had an interest in me too, and that confused me because less than 24 hours ago he had tried to kill us. Maybe they did this on purpose and just made it sound like they didn't. But either way I'm kinda glad that Tim and Damien didn't kill us. I knew Clare could hear me because I could hear her thinking how much she likes Damien and how much they have in common. Like singing, cooking, photography, lack of self confidence, going to the beach, movies, music, dreaming (don't ask)/ sleeping, reading, and lounging around along with runing and a newfound interest for lacross.

While I was talking to Tim i was confused so I asked probably the 5 millionth question, " Now are we tan, but the thing is we're dead!"

Damien looked up from flirting with clare and replied " We are mostly dead, but we still have some blood because thats how you are turned into a vampire. You are 3/4 the way drained of blood." ThenTim added " We are dead but we have the tan  that we had when we were turned, we aren't pale because we have that little bit of blood."

I replied " Oh okay I kind of understand. You guys are a big help, if you two didn't answer all our questions we probably would have been testing everything except the stuff that we thought could kill us."

Tim says " Yea I guess we are, I just wish we had this type of help when we were first turned all I can remember is so much confusion. " I was silent in thought over this. The only reason Damien didn't chime in is because is because he is to busy flirting with his new amor (spanish for love), Clare.  

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