Chapter 3

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It didn't take long for the horrific news to spread through the town, idle gossip is what the town lives for. The news hit the residents before the officers could even report it, and it ensued panic throughout the town.

The school planned a memorial for Alyssa and Kimberly, their lockers adorned in all sorts of honorable gifts from flowers, to pictures, to little notes people wrote for them.

Hazel Walker stood a few feet away, taking in the scene of tear stained teenagers standing around the girls' lockers, one placed a medium sized, brown stuffed bear near a framed picture of the two girls. It was a picture of them and their friend Carmen at a party as they took a selfie. Hazel couldn't help but scoff at the cliché picture of the three girls with their arms around each other, each with a red cup in their hands.

She bit her lip, trying to stop a few of her own tears from escaping as she gazed at the faces of the brutally murdered teenage girls. Unable to look at the scene any longer, she hastily made her way down the hallway with her arms wrapped around her body, like she's protecting herself from imminent danger.

She inconspicuously trailed through the hallways, no one wanting to associate with the new kid, not even when something as tragic as two girls being brutally murdered had just taken place.

She hastily shoved the door open as she speedily made her way into the parking lot, welcoming the crisp air entering her lungs. She stood bent over, with her hands on her knees, as she took deep breath after breath. The tears rapidly escaped her eyes as she found herself safe to release all her pent-up emotions without the fear of a student seeing. It's bad enough being the new kid, but to be the new kid that sobs at the death of someone they never even knew would take her already non-existent social life to a new low.

Her hair fell in her face, strands sticking to her moist cheeks, but she didn't care in that moment. Her stomach felt queasy, like she's going to barf any second, and the deep breaths weren't as effective as she hoped.

The perspiration dripped from her forehead and she hastily wiped it away with the back of her hand, starting to feel lightheaded. Her heart rapidly hammering against her chest caused her to take in a deeper breath before gently exhaling. She repeated the process a few more times until her body seemed to calm down and her heartbeat returned to its normal pace.

She stood straight and ran her fingers through her jet-black hair and glanced at the vacant parking lot in hopes that no one saw the panic attack that just ensued.


Jennifer Montgomery arrived home after a long waitressing shift at the local diner, one of her many jobs. She harshly rubbed at the tense lump in the back of her neck, wincing as her neck throbbed under her fingers.

"Dax, I'm home!" She called out into the silent home.

Dax, her husband, had called her an hour earlier notifying her he'd be leaving work early and that he was on his way home, but the home appeared vacant.

"Dax!" She called again, her voice echoing through the cramped home.

She hesitantly stepped further into the home, analyzing if anything is out of the ordinary, but everything seems the same as she left it. Her footsteps echoed with every step she took, and she felt her chest tightening, a tense feeling in her gut becoming more prominent.

"Jennifer." She heard a peculiar voice whisper from their shared bedroom.

"Dax!" She called out taking another hesitant step in the direction of the voice.

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