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It's JHope's birthday, he trended worldwide because of the fans greeting him on his special day. BTS greeted him as they continued practicing, Dahyun was called to JYP so she was not able to go to BigHit and surprise him from the cake. She told it to Jungkook, and he said BTS could wait.

She filmed with TWICE, and she's been with Nayeon and Sana. She also keep looking at the time, Jungkook messaged her that BTS already left from BigHit and JHope already got home. Dahyun got upset, she didn't get the chance to give him his present. She didn't replied to Jungkook and she went home after filming.

She decided to get the cake and go to JHope's house. She's a little nervous but excited at the same time, hoping she could bring happiness for his birthday.


BTS got home, but JHope went out once again to buy something. He didn't know that Eunha would come, she knows his password and entered his house. She knows he's not around and she decided not to contact him to ask where he is. She's also doubting if will he really be coming home or he's staying in their dorm, after a very long time of waiting, she heard the doorbell rang. She immediately stood up from the couch and ran to open the door.

It surprised her to see Dahyun holding a box. It's awkward for them, they didn't talked to each other about their matter eversince it happened few days ago. Eunha looked at what she's holding.

"H-hi, is JHope sunbaenim, there?" Dahyun asked.

"He isn't. He's not coming." She lied.

"O-oh, I see. I'll just go to their dorm then." Dahyun turned around.

"What is that?" Eunha asked her coldly, Dahyun stopped and faced her again.

"It's a cake for JHope sunbaenim." Dahyun answered.

"May I take a look at it?" Eunha asked, Dahyun nodded and removed the ribbon from the box. Eunha lifted the cover up seeing the beautiful cake that Dahyun made, the number that really looks identical and real version of the new logo of BTS album, Eunha stared at it.

"You done?" Dahyun asked, Eunha's eyes went to her. Dahyun got startled when Eunha grabbed the box and threw it on the floor that made the cake fall and got ruined. "Hey!" Dahyun shouted.

"If you're trying to get my brother's sympathy or anything, that wouldn't work. Get your ugly cake and leave, Dahyun." Eunha said, Dahyun is shaking while looking at the dirty cake on the floor.

"Dahyun?" She cannot move when she heard her name from behind.

"Oppa." Eunha called, she knew it's JHope. Dahyun closed her eyes trying to control her temper.

"What happened here???" JHope approached them. "What is this mess?"

"Dahyun did, I told her to be careful but she accidentally dropped the cake." JHope put his on knee on the ground and saw the cake.

"This looks like Map of the Seoul 7! Is this for me??? Oh my, it's now a waste. What do we do???" He asked, Dahyun looked at Eunha.

JHope saw an envelop from the cake.

"Sorry about the mess, sunbae." Dahyun kneeled down and put the scattered cake with her bare hands.

"Hey, Dahyun you're getting your hands dirty." JHope said, Dahyun didn't mind him and covered the cake when she finished.

"I hope you're happy doing that." She said to Eunha before turning away.

"What?" JHope catched Dahyun's wrist. "What doing? Eunha." He looked at Eunha.

"What? Why me?" Eunha asked.

"You're also getting your hand dirty, sunbae. I'm really sorry about the mess." Dahyun yanked her hand away from him and walked away. She couldn't just tell JHope about it, she doesn't want to ruin his birthday. She's gripping her hands from the box running away from there.

"Dahyun? Dahyun!" It's Jungkook, he knows Dahyun would be going to JHope's house to give the cake. Dahyun stopped seeing his car, Jungkook got off and approached her. "What happened???" He asked seeing hee hand full of icing.

"Noth—" Jungkook grabbed the box from her and opened it, he saw the cake ruined. "S-sorry, I am stupid and fell that I dropped the cake." Dahyun looked down, Jungkook looked at her. He placed the cake on top of his car and get wipes inside his car to wipe Dahyun's hands. He noticed that she's sniffing, he wiped her hands.

Jungkook took the box and placed it inside his car.

"Get in." He said and held Dahyun's hand, he let her inside the passenger's seat and he get in to the driver's seat and drove.

"Where are we going?" She asked, Jungkook continued driving until they reached JHope's house.

"Jungkook, I ruined the cake."

"I have something to give Hobi hyung." Jungkook said seriously and get off his car, he also get the box of cake and rang the doorbell. It's JHope who opened the gate.

"JK!" He saw what Jungkook is holding.

"Jungkook, let's go." Dahyun get off.

"Hey." JHope saw her, Dahyun looked away.

"She's here." Jungkook walked pass JHope and saw the trace of the cake and he knows it fell from there. "Where's Eunha?" He asked.

"Eunha? She's inside, why?" JHope asked being very clueless, Jungkook went inside without any warning and there's Eunha.

"Jungkook." Eunha saw him and she approached him, Jungkook approached her too.

"Dahyun isn't as clumsy as you are, you did this." Jungkook said pertaining to the cake he's holding.

"Jungkook, wait." JHope get in between them.

"I saw the look on Dahyun's face! She's hiding it. She lied just to hide what really happened, Am I right Eunha? Dahyun made an effort making this cake for your brother, I am sorry hyung. I seem to look like I'm ruining your day but Eunha is being too much." Jungkook said.

"Eunha, is that true? It's not an accident?" JHope asked her and stopped, thinking what Dahyun told Eunha before she left.

"What? You believe him?" Eunha asked JHope. "Dahyun told you lies, Jungkook. I didn't!" She defended herself.

"Dahyun didn't tell me anything." Jungkook shook his head.

"So why are you accusing me?" Eunha asked.

"Because hyung didn't saw what happened, it's only you and Dahyun."

"Jungkook, stop!" Dahyun get inside.

"Let's hear it from her. Tell them Dahyun."

"It was an accident." Dahyun said.

"What? there's no reason for you to drop the cake, the way is flat." Jungkook said.

"Eunha, tell me the truth." JHope said.

"It's just a cake." Dahyun looked annoyed. "Jungkook, stop!" She said.

"Yeah, I did it! Okay??? Happy???" Eunha shouted.

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