Am I Cursed?

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Rin had already begun to pull the sword out of its sheath before he even registered someone walking into the room and something being yelled. Before he had a chance to look, he was engulfed by blue flames exploding out from himself and the sword. He screamed in pain as he fell to his knees his spine aching and throbbing all over.
Whoever had walked in the door yelled as they were thrown back out again and against the opposing wall with a loud thud. More footsteps came running through the halls as the rest of the priests reacted to the noise.

Nagatomo and Maruta pulled an injured Izumi back away from the flames that surrounded the hall, they were slowly receding back into Shiro's room. They gathered at the door to see Rin on his knees, staring intently at the flames surrounding him. The unsheathed Kurikara on the floor. Nagatomo acted quickly once the flames had lessened enough to enter the room and quickly sheathed the sword again. The flames disappeared.

Rin snapped out of his trance and looked up at the priests, the looks of horror they were giving him had him recoiling into himself. His gaze moved to Izumi who was lightly burnt in places. Had he done that? He quickly stood up, causing the priests to flinch, before grabbing the sword from Nagatomo's hands and running back to his own room, slamming the door behind him.

"Shit!" Nagatomo swore; a look of guilt gracing his face as he looked at the doorway Rin had left out of. At least he hadn't left the building, Shiro would hopefully be back soon.

Rin returned to his room, slamming the door behind him. What the hell just happened?! He looked at the sword in his hands, he'd been surrounded by that same blue fire that he'd seen and played with, in the park. He'd hurt Izumi, by accident but still...the looks on their faces when he was surrounded by those flames was enough to tell him he'd done something very wrong. Something behind him caught his attention, waving back and forth erratically; he jumped in surprise. As he turned it followed him around before he grabbed hold of it.

Now, he hadn't been expecting to actually 'feel' the thing he'd grabbed on to but when he had, the pain of his fist clenched around the thing shot up his spine and he immediately yelped and let it go again. He moved to grab the thing again, this time more gently. Running his hands along the black length and bringing it around to his front sent a shiver through his body. On closer inspection he realised it was covered in black fur, with a soft fluffy end; it was a tail.

Rin suddenly couldn't breathe, falling into his desk and knocking everything to the floor. How the hell did he have a tail?! What happened when he pulled that sword?! He gripped hold of the frame of the chair in front of his desk tightly, trying to get his breathing under control again. The frame snapped under his strength and he moved to the bedsheets holding them over his face as if using them instead of a paper bag would help. Instead, he managed to scream into the sheets, using them to helpfully muffle the noise. After finally finding his breath again he remained still with his face in the sheets until his breathing slowed to a reasonable pace. His heart still pounding in his ears.

When he pulled his face away from the sheets, he spared a glance back at the offending new body part that had magically appeared. It was definitely attached to him as he could feel it. Every movement it made felt like an extension of himself, it was a strange sensation. Was that the only change though, or was there more? He bit his lip in frustration before gasping in pain once again as something sharp sliced his lip open, he froze to the spot. Suddenly catching his reflection in a small mirror that had fallen to the floor from his desk. Ignoring the blood dripping from his lip he moved closer to the mirror pulling his mouth open with his hands. His canine teeth had gotten bigger...and sharper, it looked like he had fangs. He moved his head around trying to find anything else different. He nearly missed it due to his hair covering the tips but they poked out just enough for Rin to notice the slight points on his ears. What did he do to himself by pulling that sword? Was he cursed? Why the hell did his dad hide something like that in their home?! He spent the next hour staring at the changes to his face and body going through various stages of panic before concluding he had cursed himself. He was finally drawn out of his thoughts by a loud knock on his door, he jumped, dropping the mirror onto his desk and dived towards the bed to hide under the bedsheets.

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