Chapter 1

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It's a great weather for workers and students as the sun shine so bright in the sky. A loud thump of footsteps has been heard downstairs addition to that was the cackle of three persons who seems like playing around.

This girl named, Jennie Kim was having a hard time to rest. It's Monday morning yet she can feel the stress from the people in the house. She did everything to minimize the noise by putting the pillows on her ears but the voices are too loud, sounds like came from hell.

"Can't take this shit!" She groan and got up from the bed. She made her way out of her atique room and used the three-step staircase to get on the corridor of second floor.

Once she's getting nearer, a loud scream and laugh from her siblings are all over the house. She went downstairs furiously and saw the three running around.

Jennie took off her slipper and throw it to them "Your voices reached down the hell that even Satan's sleep had been disturbed!" She growl at them.

Her little sister named, Ella who's in her 7th grade run on Jennie's back and ask her eldest brother to throw the piece of paper to her.

"Unnie, look! Look what Yeji Unnie got!" Ella handed her the paper, it's already unkempt.

"Give me that!" Yeji tried to take it away from Jennie "Unnie that's my personal belonging!"

"She's not studying in school, she's flirting" Her brother named, Yoongi flashes a grin.

"Shut up Oppa!" Yeji glare at him.

Jennie unfolded the paper "To.. Yeji, let's go for a today's lunch? From.. Ryujin?!" She scowl and looked at her sister "You better study hard to get atleast B+ before you think of this, you're already 1st year college but look at your grades, you still have F in the card"

Yeji looked at her two siblings sharply, Ella stick out her tongue and make face to tease her.

"Yoongi Oppa is still in 4th year, he's the eldest and he was staying in school for almost 6 years. He looks he's taking a masters degree but he's not. He failed two times in college but you let him do his thing" Yeji crossed her arms and plop her ass on the couch.

"School loves me that's why they can't let go of me" Yoongi laugh hysterically.

Jennie crumpled the paper and throw it on her face "So do you want to be like Oppa? Then get married and have kids, let's see if you can survive" She said.

"I feel bad that Mom and Dad didn't see this" Ella chuckle.

Jennie looked at them before she hit their heads "So what are you guys doing huh? You're running out of late in your first day in school yet you're still here! Move your ass now!" She yelled.

They moved like a running rabbit except Yoongi, he walked upstairs slowly because he feels so lazy to go to school for the first day. He heave a sigh and push Yeji, he loves to tease her siblings so much.

"I'll kick you! Quit it!" Yeji complained when they reached the corridor but Yoongi pushed her again, she went mad and hit Yoongi's head before she run away "Stupid!"

Jennie shook her heads, it's indeed that her siblings are pain in the ass in school even Ella, she's a bad bitch when she's still a grader what more that she's already in middle school. She behave like Jennie, both of them love to study and even a top in the class but Ella was always involved into trouble because she hates lose while Yeji, she's a girl version of Yoongi. Both of them never study, doing cutting classes just to be with friends and all that's why Jennie was so strict when it comes to them.

Jennie went to the kitchen to check foods and thankfully that their parents leave a meal for them. She yawn and stretched her arms before she headed back to her room.

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