Chapter 39 ― Zayn

“Why are you helping me?” I asked Harry when we were in our way to Mila and Moni’s flat hoping the brunette would let us talk to her.

It had passed another week and each day was worse for me. All I wanted to know was about Mila and how she was doing. Harry told me they got to fix the problem with the girl stealing Mila’s story and that Alex blocked her IP so now that girl was incapable of accessing to any kind of website related with any fandom. Also, if she tried something like that again, Alex was going to take care of her and her life on the Internet. Alex was something to be scared of when it came to the Internet. Nevertheless, she couldn’t get Mila’s account back.

“Because Mila asked me to,” he said and my heart did a flip-flop in my chest. Mila still cared about me. “She told me she didn’t want you to suffer and I had to help you. That didn’t mean help you to get her back, but I know that’s all what you need to be yourself again. I’m still mad for how stupid you were and I really hope you learnt your lesson, but you love her and I know she stills loves you. She wouldn’t have asked me to take care of you if she didn’t.”

I nodded and processed his words. Of course I had learnt my lesson about it and I was never going to do such a stupid thing again. If Mila decided to take me back, I was going to really take care of her, I was going to let her achieve her dreams on her own. I was going to give her as much privacy as I could, I was going to keep her safe from our fans and the media.

I really hoped Harry’s plan would work. He was right, if we got Moni on our side, I was going to be able to get to Mila and try to fix everything between us. I needed her to understand how much she meant to me and how lost I felt without her by my side.

“I don’t understand why I have to go with you,” the boy at the back seat said and I turned around to see him. Poor guy, he was a victim and a tool of this whole situation.

“Because Moni loves you and I’m sure she will give in if she sees you. You need to help us, Ed!” Harry stated and the ginger boy sighed.

“Is she gonna kill me?” He asked and I smiled. He was afraid and I kind of understood him. We talked about Moni as if she was the dragon outside the castle.

“Nope. Probably she won’t even touch you and she’ll be nice to everyone. That’s why we’re taking you. Music calms the beast, you know?” Ed laughed and in that occasion I joined him. It was funny how three guys were scared of a girl. No one could know that, it would be like a public castration for all of us.

We finally got to the girls’ building and Ed sighed one more time before we all got out the car and walked in there. By when Harry knocked at the door, I was hidden so Moni couldn’t see me through the peephole and only Ed and Harry were visible. The door opened and for the first time since the interview and my mistake, Moni didn’t scream. She was shocked and kept looked from Ed to Harry over and over again.

“What? What’s happening?” She said still looking at the two guys. Ed was smiling awkwardly and Harry had this sheepish smile on his face.

“Peace offering?” I mumbled walking out of my hiding place with a pack of cupcakes in my hands. “Please, I need to talk to you.”

“Zayn?” She said, still surprised but more severe this time. “With me?” Added Moni more confused this time.

“Please. We even brought Ed for you to meet him,” Harry joined me trying to convince her and Ed only waved at her, still smiling awkwardly. Moni looked at Harry as if he had betrayed her.

“You have ten minutes, Malik. And the cupcakes better be good,” she gave in walking inside again leaving the door opened and I sighed in relief. We were a bit closer to our goal. We could do this.

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