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"Come with me to BigHit." Jungkook said while they're on the table eating.

"What?" Dahyun looked at him.

"You said you're not going to JYP today, so come with me. I'll focus if you're around." Dahyun put her spoon and fork down. "What?"

"It just happened yesterday, J—"

"I know, I know. Hobi hyung is there, Eunha and GFriend would be there. And Jin hyung..." Jungkook stopped.

"Why?" Dahyun tilted her head, Jungkook looked at her.

"Yesterday... When you first left, Hobi hyung and Jin hyung didn't end their fight through just words..." He cleared his throat. "I'm sorry." He looked down.

"What happened did they hurt each other???" She asked.

"Hobi hyung, punched Jin hyung." Dahyun looked away. "I'm really sorry, it is my fault."

"No, no. Don't blame yourself. I do get JHope sunbaenim, Jin oppa can't control his temper for gripping on Eunha eonni's wrist. I'll go with you to BigHit." Dahyun reached for Jungkook's hand. "Don't worry about it, Jungkook. It's fine." She said and caressed his hand.


Jungkook and Dahyun arrived in BigHit, Jungkook looks more nervous than Dahyun. She just hold his hand on their way in.

"Are they here?" She asked.

"Maybe, I just know that I am late."

"Oh, but you can catch up." Dahyun smiled a bit and saw the room of BTS open. She held his hand tight.

"Why are you shaking?" Dahyun asked. "Let's go." She said and let go of Jungkook's hand. "Hey!" She get inside, Jungkook stayed outside for few seconds, taking a deep breath and followed Dahyun.

BTS members are there, but all of looks very serious. JHope is not close to Jin, the four members are in between them.

"Hey, good morning, Dahyun!" Namjoon greeted.

"Good morning, Dahyun." Jimin said, the other just bowed at her. Jin looked at her seriously.

"Excuse me, we'll just talk." Jin held Dahyun's hand, his eyes landed to Jungkook. They went outside.

"What?" Dahyun asked and saw his bruised on his face, he tried hiding it with makeup. Dahyun pressed her thumb on the side of his lips revealing the bruised.

"Ah!" He covered it with his hand.

"You two got to the point of hurting each other physically." Dahyun said.

They saw other BTS members getting out without Jungkook and JHope, they went to GFriend's room. Dahyun got confused.

"Each other? No I didn't get the chance to punch him back, Hobi is the only one who punched me." He said. He noticed her looking at GFriend's door when it closed. "Hey, don't worry. I heard they are not going to be here today." He cleared, Dahyun looked at him again.

"It's good that you didn't get the chance to punch him back or you'll have a bigger problem."

"Did you come here with Jungkook???" He questioned. Dahyun nodded. "You two are okay now? After he kissed Hobi's sister?"

"He didn't kiss her, she kissed him. I believe him oppa, he really didn't let the night passed if I don't forgive him." She sighed. "Sorry for getting you involve. You all are not just bandmates, you are all bestfriends and brothers. Sorry for causing trouble to you."

"Trouble? I saw how Eunha slapped you, I can't let that pass. You know how sensitive I am when it comes to people that are important to me being hurt. I really can't control my temper, I was still controlling myself when I accidentally tightened my grip of Eunha's wrist. I am sorry."

"You're not supposed to be telling me that but to Eunha and JHope sunbaenim."

"Whatever." Jin shook his head.

"Come on, don't let this day pass being not okay with JHope sunbaenim."

"What???" Dahyun pulled her going in to the room.


Jungkook aproached BTS.

"Can we talk? Hyung." He asked JHope. The others excused their selves and Jungkook sat on the chair.

"Well I guess you and Dahyun are okay, now." JHope said. "Sorry for what my sister did. For hurting Dahyun." He looked at the door. "Jin hyung really is lucky to have a sister like her. And you are very lucky too, she's very understanding. I see." He said.

"I'm sorry, I caused the trouble yesterday."

"You did, Eunha and I didn't actually talked about what really happened." JHope sighed. "But now I know, Jungkook. Whether she tells me or not, My sister's into you. I'm sorry, Jungkook. Dahyun has the right to fight back, you chose her. She chose you."

"Dahyun, stop!"

They both looked behind Jungkook and saw Dahyun pulling Jin inside.

"Jin oppa wants to tell you something."

"What???" Jin looked at her, they all kept quiet for a while.

"Excuse us." Jungkook is about to go but JHope stopped him.

"I'll let the three Js to talk." Dahyun grinned and turned around.

"Dahyun, stay." JHope said that surprised Dahyun, she slowly turned around again. JHope approached Jin, he's looking away. "I'm sorry for what I marked on your face hyung, we do felt the same about our siblings. Seeing them both fighting over one man." He said. Jin sighed.

"Both crazy over one boy." Jin whispered but Dahyun and Jungkook heard it.

"H-hey." Dahyun complained. Jin shook his head.

"I am protecting my sister, Hoseok. I want her to have a relationship where it won't hurt her, I don't really want her to date Jungkook. Because I know there would be a lot of consequences and challenges doing that, I know because I felt that to Byul. I don't know if Jungkook feels that to my sister, but what I am trying to say is if this happened again, whether you like it or not Jungkook and Dahyun will breakup. I am not kidding, I can't just let anyone of you hurt from your relationship." Jin looked at Jungkook and Dahyun. "I'm sorry about your sister." His eyes get back to JHope.

"I am sorry for being aggressive yesterday." JHope said and gave Jin a bro hug, Jin pats his back.

"I'm not getting okay with you knowing tomorrow is your birthday." Jin cleared.

"Of course." JHope chuckled.

"It is your birthday?" Dahyun smiled.

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