1: Welcome To The Life of a Child Adult

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Jamie woke up with a jolt, sweating profusely. They looked around and noticed that their phone alarm was going off. They quickly scrambled to turn the alarm before the rest of the house was awoken.

'Another nightmare...' they thought, looking towards the other side of the room.

They sighed contentedly when they saw that their brother was still sleeping soundly on his bed.

Jamie got up and grabbed the clothes they prepared the previous day and stepped into the bathroom to get changed.

After changing, they brushed their teeth and made sure their hair was decent-looking. Then stepped out to sit in the livingroom on their phone, reading stories on Whypad.

Suddenly, their mom walked out into the livingroom and looked at Jamie with a slightly disappointed face.

"What did I say about sitting out here on your phone in the dark?" she asked, knowing the response she was going to get.

Jamie shrugged and turned off their phone to look at the shape of their mother's face in the dark.

"I didn't want to wake anyone," the teenager replied.

"That shouldn't be the deciding factor for your eyesight!" The mother shot back.

"I'm sorry."

"Yeah, sure."

Jamie looked down at their phone to check the time.


They got up and went to hug their mother's boyfriend of 10 years goodbye. "Bye, see you later."

"Bye." The man replied, going back to sleep.

Jamie hugged their mother goodbye and kissed her cheek. "Love you, bye," they said, grabbing their bag and walking out the door.

The young adult plugged their headphones in and decided to listen to some music on the way to the bus stop. They looked through their playlists and chose to start their day with the Beetlejuice soundtrack, skipping 'Prologue: Invisible.'

'Hey folks! Begging your pardon,' the song brought a smile to Jamie's face as they mouthed the words and walked along to the beat.

~Time Skip. Brought to you by your local t3m Sh0p~

Jamie waited in front of their first period class for their science teacher to arrive. They never thought they gad enough time to wait in line for breakfast, eat, and get back to class, so they didn't eat breakfast at school.

The teen saw their shorter teacher walking down the hallway towards the classroom.

"Good morning." The teacher, Ms. S greeted while unlocking the door.

"Mornin'," Jamie replied, following their teacher into the room and sitting in their assigned. Closest to the door in the front row.

"How was your weekend?" asked Ms. S, trying to start a conversation.

"It was ok." It was not ok. Jamie's biological has 'forgotten' to visit on Saturday for the 5th week in a row.

"That's good." The conversation ended after that.

After a 2 to 3 minutes of silence, more students started filing into the room with their friends in their own conversations.

"Did you hear about.."

"I love that new.."

The talk was always the same. 'Who did something crazy over the weekend? When's the [insert subject] test? Why did you un-add me?'

Just like every other day, Jamie knew nothing great or new was gonna happen.

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