12. First Heatbreak

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    It had been 3 days since my breakup. I didn't even feel like getting out of bed. I just wanted to stay there and cry. I couldn't help but feel miserable, there was nothing to do but cry, sleep, or eat. I decided to catch up on Gilmore Girls, so I opened up my (favorite color) laptop and clicked on Netflix.

     It was the episode when Rory and Dean broke up because she couldn't bring herself to tell him she loved him. Then Lorelei suggested that she should "wallow," ("wallowing" is basically the grieving period of a breakup.) Then Rory refused to "wallow" because she didn't want to waste her time feeling sorry for herself, all because she didn't have a boyfriend anymore.

     You know what? That actually makes sense. Not shaving my legs and staying in bed all day, isn't going to fix the fact that Campbell doesn't want to be with me.

     So, I got up, got dressed and headed towards the library. It wouldn't kill me to catch up on a few novels. I've been meaning to read Oliver Twist, so I might just pick it up. My mother has always loved Dickens, Great Expectations was her favorite.

     When I arrived to the library, I decided to go with Pet Semetary instead. I love King's work.

     I decided to check out the book I got. As I was exiting the library, my phone vibrated. Millie was calling me.

"Hello," I answered.

"Hey, sorry to bother you, but are you okay? You seemed pretty upset these past few days."

"Yeah, I'm better than I was. Besides, I dint want to be one of those girls who fall apart all because they don't have a boyfriend anymore."

"Okay..... ?? Well at least you feel better."

"Yeah, I guess so. Is that all you wanted to tell me?"


"Alright. Bye Millie."

I hung up first.

I say down at a nearby empty table and opened to the first page of the novel.

As I read, I feel sun rays beaming through the library windows and onto me. I feel warm and content inside. Maybe this is all I needed.

I feel cool air behind me, as a person walks by. I spot Campbell walking toward the library bookshelf that holds biographies and autobiographies.

Without even thinking, I 'casually'make my way to the other side of the shelf where the Horror genre is. Since we are on opposite sides of the same bookshelf, I can kinda see Campbell past the books.

I pretend that I don't notice him. So I pretend to pull out Stephen King novels that I've already read and act like I'm interested in checking them out. I pretend to look at the description of the book Carrie, when I hear a soothing voice say:


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