Chapter 11

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She picked her laptop up from under the small wooden table and powered it up. The Skype window popped up and she sighed. Skype was the most annoying thing on the damn laptop and she couldn’t work out how to stop it from popping up every time she opened the computer. She collapsed the window and almost immediately, a small popup on the side of the screen appeared. Zoe Williams is online.” Well, Hell. She hadn’t spoken to her childhood best friend in months. She clicked on the Skype icon and the window came up once again. The moment she clicked on Zoe’s name, a message came through.

Zoe Williams (6:28am) Ruby? Long time no speak, hon.

Ruby Frost (6:28am) Zoe? It’s you who hasn’t been online!

Zoe Williams (6:29am) Oh, shut up. Are you going this weekend?

Ruby Frost (6:29am) I don’t know. What’s happening?

Zoe Williams (6:29am) School reunion, idiot. How did you not get the email?

Ruby Frost (6:30am) I get a lot of emails. Who sent it?

Zoe Williams (6:31am) Hell, I don’t know. I’ve slept since then.

Ruby Frost (6:31am) I’ll check after work. I’ve got about half hour.

Zoe Williams (6:31am) Why’re you going in at 7? I thought you lot were strictly 9-5

Ruby Frost (6:32am) Are you being sarcastic? You know I go in at 7.

Zoe Williams (6:32am) Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Anything interesting on?

Ruby Frost (6:33am) Major enquiry. Have the press not gone country-wide yet? That’s handy.

Zoe Williams (6:33am) Fair enough. Murder?

Ruby Frost (6:33am) What else?

Zoe Williams (6:34am) Ever worry that you might turn into an emotionless bitch where a murder means nothing more than a cancelled lunch or an early morning?

Ruby Frost (6:35am) All the goddamn time.  

     “Hey.” Came the voice from behind her.

     “Oh!” She nearly dropped the laptop in surprise. “Jesus, give me a little warning next time.”

     “I wasn’t being quiet, Rubes. You were too busy grinning at your computer to notice. Are you watching that talking cat video or something?” James smiled and sat down on the sofa next to her.

     “What? No. I’m talking to Zoe. Apparently, there’s a school reunion this weekend.”

     “Are you going?”

     “Not likely. It’s in Wales, James. Plus, we have a murder enquiry on.”

     “We’d probably have solved it by then.” He argued.

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