Saving Stephenie - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

                I didn't stay much longer at the party. After dancing a bit with Carrie I told her I had to get home. The party was still going strong which was exactly why I needed to get away. It was exhausting trying to dance, be happy, and talk with drunken people. The atmosphere was one I wasn't comfortable in. I never seemed to be able to fall into the normal cliché of a high school girl, and sometimes I wish I had. It would probably have saved me. It probably would have made my life that much easier, but then again some of those differences I adored. Admittedly, some were what I detested but it was what made up me - and there was nothing that could really change that.

                Carrie had called me the next morning with a major hangover. She wanted to know if I had had fun at my first East Central Bucks High Party. I didn't feel like lying, I never really did. I liked to be blunt about it.

                "Yeah, I had fun, cause having to deal with a bunch of drunken people I don't know or care about the entire night was just fantastic," I said sarcastically.

                She just giggled like she always did when I was being mean like that. Instead of getting offended or put out by my bitter, sarcastic, or just downright horrible comments, she decided to take them all as a joke and laugh at them rather than try to comprehend. It almost took the fun out of it; I couldn't insult her and get the reaction I had been so used to out of her. I always waited for the sequence of emotions.

                First, it was always shock or surprise because whenever I do it it's not the times anyone would expect because I'm pretty much a bitch all the time. Once they get past the shock they get self conscious and confused. Somehow they think they can convince themselves that they just imagined what had come out of my mouth. Next they get angry and defensive and that's the part where you just walk away. With Carrie, her eyes might narrow a tiny bit but she just ends up laughing and you just get used to the way she reacts. It's just hard to at first.

                After I had finished talking to Carrie I stared at myself in the mirror. What was I supposed to do the entire day? I had a whole weekend ahead of me, no plans and no work. My parents were gone for the day thankfully but that left me feeling emptier. Before the incident, I would have reveled in the alone time; no Cam to bug me, no parents to tell me what to do. I had the world at my feet, but now everything seemed so different. I walked around our house still getting used to this new floor plan. It seemed like a different world; this whole thing seemed like a dream. I wasn't sure if it was good or bad yet but I definitely couldn't tell if it was real.

                I decided to go look in what we deemed as Cam's room even though he's never going to use it. There were two boxes of his stuff on the floor. Only two. A wave of crippling sadness hit me but despite my desire to run away and push this all down in the back of my mind I walked over to the boxes that lay on the room floor. It was so bare in the room, only the two boxes were in there and we kept the door closed.

                I ripped open the first box holding my breath. The first thing to pop out at me was a big stuffed dinosaur on top. I smiled so hard I almost cried as I pulled it out and hugged it to my chest. This dinosaur was the one I had gotten him when I was five years old for Christmas. I was so excited to give it to him for that I almost spoiled it a hundred times. I would never forget the day when he opened it.

                It wasn't a white Christmas but it was freezing and the heat wasn't on that high. I shivered in my sheets as I woke up. It took me a couple seconds to realize that it was Christmas morning. No more waiting to see what I got and no more waiting to see if Cam would like his present. I wasn't sure if he really wanted it because maybe having a stuffed animal wasn't cool. I jumped out of bed and ran out my door colliding with Cam who seemed to be doing the same thing. We smiled at each other. His smile was huge and always a source of comfort.

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