Change of Plans

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A slender figure walked over to Livi and smiled warmly. "It's not everyday you come up here. Somethin' must've happened. Mind sharing?" Cherry asked, tilting her head slightly.

Livi couldn't hold it in anymore. She wanted to lunge forward and embrace Cherry, but her body just gave out and she dropped to the floor, trembling and crying. She couldn't stop wailing, even if she tried. Livi's mind was betraying her. Locking up and freezing her body, just to leave her trembling.

Warmth surrounded her as her world got dimmer. It was Cherry, holding her loosely. But then there was a hand on her temple and her mind was seized.

Images flashed through her mind. Blu and that girl holding hands, then kissing. They had a future and Livi was watching behind glass. Livi lost Blu and she wasn't handling it well. Her head hurt, so many made up scenarios raced and kept going. It hurt too much.

Then it stopped. Her mind was clear again. "You're lucky I'm a miracle worker hun." Cherry whispered warmly. The hand left Livi's temple and cupped her cheek instead. "Let's talk this out calmly, okay?" Cherry wiped Livi's stray tears.

Sitting up, Livi grabbed her knees and kept her gaze at the floor. "Why talk about it if you already saw? You saw what happened, he cheated on me..." Livi cried, pushing her head into her knees. Her world was crashing, she didn't want to talk about it. She just wanted to wake up from this reality and be held in Blu's gentle arms.

But no, this was the reality she had to face. Livi lost Blu and there was no way she could ever forgive him. Why was accepting that so difficult?

Cherry kneeled down at held out a box of pocky, handing it to Livi. "Here, munch on these." She whispered while sitting down. "Turn your phone off, Blu has that tracking app, remember?"

Livi didn't move, she just continued to cry and cry. That left Cherry to sigh and reach for Livi's phone in her pocket. Pressing the off button for ten seconds, the phone shut off. "There... He won't know where you are."

"I don't understand why he would do this..." Livi choked out, barely able to speak.

Cherry sat down finally and set the box of pocky on the floor, pulling Livi close. She rubbed her hand across Livi's outer arm to try and calm her down. It worked kinda, Livi relaxed somewhat and leaned on Cherry.

"I told you vampires can't be trusted."

Livi pushed Cherry away and clenched her teeth. "Blu isn't like that! How could you say that when we've been happy together for almost two years?! What will it take to convince you that Blu is a good person?! I have only four scars, Cherry! Four!"

The girls fell into silence, Livi having scooted away from where Cherry sat. Cherry looked over at Livi and hummed. She still needed to help Livi, she knew how weak she was.

"How about we change how you look. It'll make him realize he lost you."

"Yeah? And how are we supposed to do that?"

Cherry sat back and hummed, she hadn't exactly thought that through. She snapped and smiled, getting an idea. "Cut your hair and pierce your ears! That'll show him! And, after you leave him, you can grow out your hair if you want and let your ears close up."

Livi looked over and smiled slightly, not disliking the idea. In fact, it was an okay idea, not drastic enough to really change her, but enough to get a jarring reaction. After a bit of silence, Livi spoke up.

"Let's do it."

The girls rejoined in their arms and smiled. Cherry wiped Livi's tears and held her by her cheeks. "Okay, I don't want your hair too short, I still want to play with it." She laughed and let go, combing her hands through Livi's beautiful strawberry blonde hair.

Livi giggled and rubbed her own cheeks, breaking the tear stained tracks. "Shoulder length should be good."

Cherry backed up and smiled. "I can see that, it'd look really good on you." She held up her hands to block most of Livi's hair from view. It didn't look that bad.

With a deep breath, Cherry spread her angel wings and a pink glow illuminated around her. "Hold still girl!" Cherry sassed, chanting runes around Livi's head and hair. When Cherry moved her hands, Livi's hair fell to the ground and two needles pierced her ears quickly. Since this was a miracle, Livi felt no pain from the punctures of the needles.

When the miracle was all said and done, Cherry closed her wings and took a deep breath. "Damn, it takes a lot of energy just to cut hair, jeez..." She mumbled, kind of like she was drunk.

Livi ran over, feeling the wind on the back of her neck. Having short hair was going to be weird for a while. She held Cherry in her arms, keeping her from falling over. "Alright, alright, take us home, the sun's already set."


Cherry spread her wings once more and enveloped both of them with her wings. A blue glow wrapped around them and suddenly, they were back in their apartment they shared. This was quite the day.

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