Chapter 2

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---Timeskip to the end of middle school---

The teacher stands at his desk in front of the class, proudly looking at his students.

Teacher: This will be the last time we see each other, you all did good in your work and I wish you good luck in all your lifes.

Bakugou is the first to get up and leave the room screaming.

Bakugou: Finally I can get away from these extras!!!

Everyone else looks to the door and thinks "ass". While most are still chatting, Izuku packs his things away and gets up from his seat. Just when he wanted to leave the room, someone in the class asked him something.

Boy1: Hey Midoriya, what are you gonna do now?

Boy2: Right, now that you've given up your total unrealistic dream.

Girl1: Yeah seriously, what did you think you were doing?

Everyone in the class starts laughing, but Izuku doesn't find it funny. So he thinks he will give them a piece of his mind.

Izuku: Maybe a few of you should also become more realistic.

This shocked the entire class that Izuku, the nicest person in their class, said something like that.

Boy3: What did you just said?!

Izuku turns and the whole class sees that he is angry.

Izuku: I said that a few of you should also become more realistic! You have quirks, that's cool and all, but think about it, are you quirks even suitable for the job of a hero?

Izuku points to a boy with brown long hair.

Izuku: You can make your fingers longer, really powerful. What will you do poking you enemies until they give up?

Izuku points to a boy with a bald.

Izuku: You can take you eyes out of your head, do you want to make your enemies laughing at you until they give up?

Izuku points to a boy with spikey black hair.

Izuku: You can make your neck grow, will you choke your opponents while they break your neck?

Izuku points to a boy with brown hair.

Izuku: Really a long nose?

Izuku points to the whole class.

Izuku: Most of you have weak quirks, I admit that there is a chance to become a hero for a few of you, but you will not be powerful heroes. You guys made fun of me for the last years, but look at yourself.

Girl1: Midoriya, we didn't even realize-

But she got cut off by a boy with a quirk that can turn his skin into stone, rushing at Izuku.

Boy5: Your quirkless bastard!

But to everyone's surprise, Izuku dodges to the side, lifts his leg over his head and kicks the boy in the back.

Izuku: I'll knock you soft like a steak!

The boy is rammed into the ground with such force that he faints. Izuku turns to the door again and leaves the room.

---Little timeskip---

The evening sun shines in the old restaurant of Izuku's father. Izuku wipes the counter and then looks at the store with satisfaction.

 Izuku wipes the counter and then looks at the store with satisfaction

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Izuku: It took a while to clean this place and the beach. Seriously why was there so much garbage on this beach? At least I'm done now and tomorrow is the opening. Tomorrow my new path in life starts.

To be continued.

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