Chapter 1 - Going Public.

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Chapter 1 – Going Public

 It was the day when Believe tour started and I was sitting in my room doing my homework. After a few minutes I received a text from Justin saying: "what's wrong? Are you coming to say goodbye?" I didn't answer him; I just went to his house to give him the gift that I had made for him. When I arrived Pattie opened the door and told me...  "Justin is upstairs". I went upstairs to find Justin packing his stuff, I walked behind him and said "this is it I guess" Justin: "Yes it's time to say goodbye". "I got you something  ...”I said. Justin opened it and saw a huge board full of pictures of both of us, he just smiled. "This is just for you to remember our amazing journey together" I said. After helping Justin packing everything I suggested to go outside, so we walked around eating ice-cream and just thinking about fun stuff.

   Our legs started to hurt so we sat down on a park bench and looked up at the beautiful night stars. I glared at the stars as I rested my head on Justin's shoulder. Just then it starts to rain. Justin and me laughed and stood up from the bench. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist as I spinned around. I rested my head on his chest as he swayed side to side with me in his arms. All I could do was smile up to him and say... "What’s wrong?" …"I love you." He whispered glancing back at the stars. I smiled at him as I placed my right hand on his cheek, and tip toed closer to him so that my lips would interact with his. When they did, I could feel Justin smiling through the whole thing; I couldn't help but do the same. "We should be heading home, its cold out here and I don't want you to get sick." Justin said while taking off his jacket and wrapping it around me.

   When we arrived at my house, we walked up to the porch he turned me around, hugged me tight … And said “before I leave I just wanted you to know that I love you and I already miss you" He left me with no words to speak, I started to cry and replied: "I love you too". It was time for him to go; he kissed me for the last time. Smiled and started walking towards the pavement then turned and said … "Goodbye"... He crossed the street and without thinking twice I shouted "Justin Wait”... "What?”  ... He said. "I’m coming with you to your house; I want to come help you with the remaining stuff that you need to pack". "Ok", he said smiling and staring at me.

   We got to Justin’s and on the dining table there was a note saying; “At the grocery store, will be back in about 1 hour, Love mom” me and Justin were alone so we watched a movie we both liked and made hot chocolate for both of us. We sat on the sofa covering ourselves with a blanket and just cuddled. After 45 minutes Pattie came back, an hour later Pattie and Justin needed to go to the airport. Justin placed his luggage in the car and asked me if I wanted to go with them to the airport. I agreed with the idea and got in the car. When we arrived at the airport there were so many fans and Justin didn't want any of them to be sad so he went to talk with them and to take some pictures. Me and Pattie sat on a bench waiting till he finished and Pattie started a conversation.. Pattie: "so...when are you going to make it public?!”... "What?! How do you know? “I replied.  "Honey you need to be stupid not to see the way you two look at each other.” she said. “Well it's not going to happen soon, I don't want his fans to hate me." I replied.  "Look some will hate and some will love but nobody can stop true love no matter how hard they try.” Pattie said.

   Justin came near us and said "Mom, it’s time to go”... "Alright" She said. Justin smiled at me and said "Goodbye”... "Come on Justin, I know the secret about you two, you can do better than that!” she said, Justin giggled and said "Come over here"... I walked up to him... He came closer hugged me tight and said… "I love you, don’t you ever forget that! ".. I started to cry and said "I love you too  ... I’m going to miss you, I would kiss you but your fans  ... They are taking pictures”... "I don’t care, you’re the one I love and it’s time to go public" And with that said he pulled me closer, closed his eyes... and kissed me.

   Kenny came running and said... "Justin come on man, it’s time to go!”... "Give them a minute!” Pattie replied. "I have to go" Said Justin... "I’ll be back, I promise!”... Pattie hugged me and said "Goodbye". They walked towards the Jet... And without thinking twice I shouted "Justin No, don’t go  ... I love you!”... “I love you too but I have to! I’ll be back, I promise!” He said. They went in, the door closed and the pilot started the Jet. I cried even more and more when I saw Justin waving to me through the window, I could see that he was crying as well and then I saw Justin arguing with his manager I had no clue what that was all about but then the doors opened.

   Scooter came to me and said "I have a plane ticket for you”. I looked at him with shock and said "Are you kidding?! “. "No, Justin is waiting, We already contacted your mother a few days ago, She packed the luggage for you" Said Scooter. I couldn’t even reply!  I was so happy... I saw Justin coming out from the plane and shouted "Are you coming or what?” I ran up to him, He grabbed me from my waist and said.. "Ready to continue our journey together?” I giggled and got into the plane, the doors closed and the Jet flew up from the ground.

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