Chapter 20- Part 2

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Just a short one today. I found my notebook which had alot of my writing in it and found this scene that I had written as and idea ages ago. So here is just something for you guys to read as you wait for the next full chapter!
As Christmas day went on more gifts were shared with one another, Kat recieved what she expected the usual gifts a 19th century lady would receive. Handkerchiefs embroidered with different emblems, hand knitted items and her favorite gift, a book called "clarissa" from Eric.
The Christmas dinner was rather filling so afterwards Kat found herself dozing off during the parlour games and she excused herself when she unexpectedly yawned rather loudly and was scolded by Lady Abigail.

She was dressed and ready for bed when a knock on the door between her and Eric bedroom interrupted her and she why to answer it. As expected Eric stood there with his hands behind his back and a cheeky grin.

Kat was weary but soon found out his plans when she glanced up to see mistletoe hanging in the doorway.
"Oh you are sly"
Kat rolled her eyes but couldn't wipe the grin off her face.

Eric leaned closer to her and she closed the gap by pressing her lips softly against his. Her arms naturally made their way around his neck, pulling them closer together and deepening their kiss, his hands found their way around her waist and on the small of her back. They began to walk backwards into his room and (Kat hoped) towards his bed but those plans were ruined when someone tripped sending them both tumbling down, Eric on his back and Kat landing on top of him.

After the initial shock had worn off the both burst into laughter. Kat buried her face into Eric's chest as she was laughing so hard that eventually she could not breathe. She calmed herself down as Eric did and smiled fondly at him, she was feeling brave.

"No you go first-"
"No you go-"
They both laughed again.

"I shall go first then."
Kat felt her heart race but forced herself to go on.

"Eric I think... I think I lo-"
But the moment that could've been was interrupted by a maid.

"Sir I have brought you night cap-oh!"

Kats eyes widened and she scrambled to stand up.

"Oh dear I am sorry sir."
The young maids face had gone pink and she was looking down at the glass in her hand.

Eric stood up and laughed.
"It's of no importance."

Kat smiled at the mortification on the girls face and slipped back into her room as the two welder distracted.

Once in the sanctity of her own room she flopped face down onto her bed. What was she thinking? She couldn't just go around telling people in the past that she loved them!

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