Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

Robbie POV

"Papa!" Stacia said as her dad came into the room and sat at the head of the table.

"Hey Stacia, Adrian. How were your days? Oh, and hello Robbie! How are your parents?"

"Good," the three of us said concurrently.

"Ah, that's good," Mr. Zhar said.

After that, conversations pretty much ceased as we scarffed down our pelmeni. Mrs. Zhar's pelmeni was so good; I could eat buckets of it. Her cooking was better than my mum's was but I would never admit that aloud.

As I ate though, I caught myself studying Stacia. She was beautiful; she had always been beautiful. What with her elbow length red hair and icy blue eyes, she had soft features and a really pale complexion. Stacia was really short and she had such a small, thin frame. Stacia was stubborn, but she had a quirky sense of humor and, like me, she loved to play practical jokes. Stacia was also really talented, she could play guitar and keyboard and she was an amazing singer. She also won awards for both her music compilations and dance choreography. I've always sort of had a thing for Stacia but we never really talk anymore. Add that to the fact she was dating that idiot Braiden and she always had one or two admirers following her around. I couldn't blame them; she was probably the most beautiful girl at St. Marks Preparatory College in inner Sydney.

Once we were all finished eating our dinners Mrs. Zhar and Stacia stood and collected the plates, it was practically synchronised.

"Who wants ice cream?" Stacia trilled.

"Me!" Adrian yelled.

"Yeah, me too, please," I said politely. Her family were really old school, all about politeness and respect.

"That would be wonderful, thank you my darling," Mr. Zhar said, gazing adoringly at his daughter. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Adrian rolling his eyes. It wasn't like there was any animosity, just that Stacia was Daddy's little princess and Adrian heir to the throne. Their father treated them as such.


The next day was really busy and I didn't get a proper chance to talk to Stacia all morning, although, at lunch we were both sitting across from one another. I was sitting there trying to ignore Emilia's blatant attempts at flirting; Braiden, Jon and Chris were talking cars. Alicia, Natasha and Claudia were complaining about their hair and Stacia had her head on Braiden's shoulder, staring off into space.

Abruptly, I stood up and declared that I was going to the men's, I made sure that before I left however, to get Stacia's attention and slightly tilted my head in the direction I was going, as if to say come with me. I then casually walked off in the direction of the male toilets, once I was out of sight from the others; I leant against a pole and waited. Not three minutes later, Stacia came into view, acoustic guitar in hand.

"So, where are we going?" Stacia asked instantly.

"You have your guitar, so lets go sit somewhere and play," I suggested.

"Now that sounds like fun, unlike sitting there with everyone else."

"I was thinking the same. Where should we go?" I asked.

"The old oak?"

"Sounds good."

The old oak was on the south side of the school and it's very secluded, it also had amazing acoustics. When we finally reached the spot, I did what I always did when I came to this part of the school: I admired the scenery like the nerd I was. My sister and I had this thing we would always do that our mum taught us: count five things you could see, four you could touch, three you could hear, two you could smell and one you could taste. I did this now. It helped to centre my thoughts, especially before I played.

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