The Midnight for Charlie Bone Mockup

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Charlie: (looking at the picture of Mr. Tolly and Emma) Is there a man here?

Maisie: Only you, Charlie.

Paton: Hey, what about me?


Venetia: It's ok, Charlie; just look at the picture.

Charlie: Ok. (looks at picture)

Voice 1: I think I'm being spied on.

Voice 2: You're sure, Holly?

Voice 1: Of course I'm sure, Artemis Fowl! Don't I know a spy when I see one?

Voice 3: Hey guys, check this out: (Shows them a YouTube video)

Voice 4: Mulch, if you listen really hard, you can just about make out the sound of NOBODY GIVING A HOOT!!!

Lucretia: Care to tell us what you heard?

Charlie: Uhhh you don't wanna know; it's too weird!


Fidelio: Hey Charlie, instead of practicing the piano, let's watch YouTube videos and learn how to play themes from TV shows.

Charlie: Ok!


Manfred: Look at me!

Charlie: You're ugly!

Manfred: Ouch! That hurts!


Julia: Thanks for giving me that picture.

Charlie: You're very welcome.

Julia: And one more thing...

Charlie: Yes?

Julia: Do you know any single men out there who loves books?

Charlie: Yeah, there's my uncle, Paton Yewbeam.

Julia: Thanks!


Charlie: I can't believe I got detention, and on the first day no less!

Olivia: That's all right! We can go spy on the Bloors!

Billy: Good idea! (They all go spy on the Bloors)

Dr. Bloor: Have you hidden the present?

Manfred: Yeah. She'll never know what we're getting her for Christmas: it's a limited edition Hedwig bookend!

Dr. Bloor: I heard you had to rip off three people just to get it.

Manfred: That I did.

Charlie: He's not a bully; he's a con artist!!


Paton: So let me get this straight: you heard Mr. Tolly's tapes?

Charlie: Yeah.

Paton: And what did they say?

Charlie: They said that when his wife died Dr. Bloor offered to step in and help him raise Emma but Matthew McGuire beat him to it.

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