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just as he said, mingyu decided to skip the next days of school for the week, meaning that his and wonwoo's tutor sessions were delayed and pushed back, which annoyed wonwoo.

their delayed tutor lessons affected wonwoo's hectic schedule, frustrating wonwoo but he wasn't as bothered as he usually would be. he would usually scold mingyu for skipping school and missing lessons, but this time around, he didn't mind as much.

the next two days of school happened like normal, back to when wonwoo wasn't watching mingyu most of the time, but wonwoo found it so boring. mingyu not being at school and pestering all the time made his school hours boring (possibly because he didn't have anyone to scold besides other students).

they agreed to meet up at the fair relatively late so they'd be able to see the fireworks and the fair's events lit up brightly at night.

from saturday morning, when wonwoo got up, he sat in front of his closet, his large variety of clothes in view, as he was trying decide what to wear for the fair.

should i wear something comfy? formal? should i wear a turtle neck? jeans? graphic t-shirt? wonwoo thought, takin out all the possible options for an outfit out of his closet, until there were clumps of clothes scattered across his bedroom floor.

he sat frustrated in front of his closet, yelling out, "why can't i choose one fucking outfit?!" he looked around at the clothes around of him.

why was he trying so hard in first place? there was nothing special about this outing that he had to overthink what he was going to wear. it's a simple hang out with friends to a fair, they were going to have fun and enjoy the sites there. he wasn't trying to impress anyone.

so why was he trying so hard?

wonwoo shook these thoughts off, settling to wear a denim jacket with oversized white hoodie underneath, pairing it with black jeans and dr martens boots. he looked at himself in the mirror, ruffling his hair and allowing it to fall naturally over his forehead instead of his usual swept back hair. he applied contacts as he didn't want to lose nor break his glasses whilst he was on any of the rides.

he went to his late parents' room, walking into their en-suite bathroom and taking out one of the many colognes his father collected. just from the smell reminded him of his father, and he misses them so much.

but there was no reason to start having these depressing thoughts, so he left their room and said goodbye to chaeyeon as he left.

"hey," wonwoo heard a familiar voice say. he turned around after locking the door to see mingyu on his motorcycle, smiling cheekily at him.

"mingyu? what are you doing here? wait- how did you even know where my house was?" wonwoo asked, bombarding mingyu with questions.

"that's not important, right now. get on! i'm taking you to the fair." he grinned and wonwoo was about to protest, proposing just to take his car. but he didn't want to be rude as mingyu drove all the way here just to pick him up. he sighed and walked down his cobbled pathway, hopping onto the back of the motorcycle and securing his arms around mingyu's waist, resting his head on the younger's shoulders.

when wonwoo seated and hugged onto him, mingyu felt warm just from the elder's touch, wonwoo holding onto him like it was a routine and he'd done it many times before, and a weird uneasy feeling formed in his stomach. "mingyu?" wonwoo said with a soothing, honeyed voice, calming mingyu's odd nerves.

"s-sorry." mingyu stuttered. he readjusted himself on the motorcycle seat, trying to make himself comfortable. he asks, "h-hey, can you not hold onto me so tight?"

"why? i'm still scared of riding this thing! the least you could do is let me hold tight." wonwoo formed a small pout, looking at mingyu which somehow made mingyu's uneasy feeling worse.

"just s-shut up." mingyu said, driving off the sidewalk and onto the road. wonwoo was weirded out at first, not expecting mingyu to ask that type of question when the younger has let him hold onto him like this before.

stopping himself think about this any further, he rested his head on mingyu's back as the younger drove him to the fair, feeling the light breeze run through his hair and glide over his face.

but what wonwoo failed to notice, was the rosy blush that started to colour mingyu's cheeks.

day four.

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