2: The Meeting

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There was no turning back.

I stand rooted to the ground, in front of the security prison walls. It was laced with barbed wire that looked intimidating and foreign; nothing comforting. As I wait patiently, my eyes spot the row of inmates that seem to be released today.

They all receive their belongings, before making a beeline to the back gate. I walk towards them, slowly.

And then...

I locked eyes with him.

Cold, menacing demeanour. Deep, ocean-set eyes. The way they stared at me— god, they told of certain galaxies and stories. His irises flares at the sight of me, and his equally handsome features seem to morph into a curious gaze. His lips come apart slightly, as if he wanted to ask something, but decide not to. As I stood staring in awe at his beauty, he stares back as well.

Gosh. This man could send girls to their coffins with his gaze.

At that moment, I break out of my trance and plucked my courage to talk to him.

"Uhm..." I started. "Can you...help me?"

A moment of silence passes through as he examines me closely with his deep gaze. My hands began trembling.


His voice startles me. Something about his mellow, smooth voice was so very attractive, and I couldn't fathom it.

When I don't reply, he tilts his head to the side in an amused stance. "With?" He repeats again, this time— slower.

"Uh...I lost $1 million dollars." I say, voice cracking under pressure. "Please help me get it back."

With that, Jungkook stared at me without saying anything. Then, his heavy lashes drooped down as if he's heard a private joke.

"I'm not the police, baby. Find someone else." He says nonchalantly before passing by me.


I grabbed his hand tightly, stopping him in his tracks. "Please....It's the end of the line for me. I really need your help."

He pauses, turning back to lock eyes with me. "And so? What do I get in return?"

"In....r-return?" I stutter, taken aback by the question.

"Don't tell me you'd think I'll help you without receiving anything in return?" His godly-sculpted lips turned up into a smirk.

"I'll give anything!" I respond desperately.

"...You don't have anything left to give, don't you?" He stares at my ragged appearance. My mind whirls into desperation.

"Labour! I'll do labour work for you, so please."

With that sentence, his eyes seem to flare in a predatory glance— a darkened look that sent warning signals to my body.

"Labour?" He approaches me slowly, coming close as my back hits the wall. His look of hunger was growing intense, and the pit of my stomach was on fire. "I could use your service at night, perhaps." His lips curve up in a teasing smirk.

"I...." my body was beginning to feel hot. "I can't do that...."

"Now that you get it, leave." He then shoots me a cold look before heading off, hands in pockets.

No. You'll die like this, Raina. You need his help.

"I'll do it!" I shout, and he turns back in surprise.

"I'll do it.....So please help me..."

His cold, mysterious eyes was now filled with shock at my sudden decision. Tears began to river down my face— and on-lookers started to gather at the scene.

"Stop crying..." He wipes my tears off with his sleeve, cautious of the people that were staring. "Hey."

After exhaling a long winded sigh, he suddenly raises my chin with his hand, making me face him.

"Look. I'll do it, in one condition." He says, and it catches my attention.

"We'll place a bet. If I don't get back your full million, then you don't have to do anything for me. But if I do get it back for you..."

"then you'll be my property."

A/N: first meeting is so intense gah

A/N: first meeting is so intense gah

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