Fresh Start

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Tobio Kageyama didn't understand why he needed to have a soulmate, he was perfectly fine on his own.

His mother told him he was born with it, which was rare, only 4% of the population were lucky enough to have their mark show up during the first few years. The majority of people didn't get theirs until they were 13 years old.

When Tobio was 7 his doctor told him that his soulmate was probably older than him and becasue of how strong their bond was, they both presented early. This was also about the time he became obsessed with volleyball.

He was 9 years old when his mark turned into a volleyball, which made him extremely happy and hopeful that he would meet his soulmate if he continued playing volleyball.

So he focused on volleyball all throughout middle school. His coach had him focus on being a setter his 1st year and he focused on nothing else.

It wasn't until his 3rd year that he even remembered he had a soulmate. During the spring tournament, his soul mark started to ache. When he told his mom about it, she said his soulmate was probably at the game.

There was a boy on the opposing team during his game that stood out. He was short, loud, athletic and clumsy... but he could fly and it gave Tobio goosebumps when he watched him sore above the net...that's when his mark ached the most.

Was his soulmate really at this tournament? Was it a boy? Which team was he on?

But it wasn't possible to find one's soulmate that easily, so Tobio laughed and he pushed it out of his mind.


"What are you doing here?!" The voice was echoing through his ears.

It's...him...why is he here?

Tobio looked over at the ball he was tossing in the air landed on his head.
"Ow..." He stares as the ball lands on the floor and rolls away.

"Oh no...are you okay?" The orange haired boy asks picking up the ball.

"Yeah...I'm fine," Tobio said stepping closer. "Um...I don't remember your name..."

"'s fine," the boy seemed irritated. "It's not like I would expect you to remember every person you've played agains-"

"I remember you!" He said firmly, before glancing down. "Sorry...I'm just not great at remembering names."

"Oh...I'm Shoyo Hinata," Shoyo said, blushing as the taller boy's deep blue eyes sent shivers down in spin. "You're Tobio Kageyama... right?"

"Yeah...I can't believe you remembered my name," Tobio whispered, his chest tightened slightly.

"Like I could forget the King of the Court," Shoyo laughed.

"Don't call me that!" Tobio yelled, his stomach tightening now.

"Huh? Why not?! It's a wicked cool nickname," Shoyo yelled. "I wish I had a nickname that awesome."

Awesome? This kid doesn't know... Tobio stared at Shoyo for a moment, his face heating up. Shit... now I feel like an ass!

"I'm...sorry," Tobio said, hoping he sounded sincere.

"You don't have to apologize," Shoyo laughed. "If you don't like the nickname, I won't call you that. But maaaannn....this sucks! I was planning on kicking your butt in high school. How am I suppose to do that if we're on the same team?"

Tobio couldn't help but laugh. He didn't mean to be disrespectful, he was honestly taken back by Shoyo's words.

"I guess it is kinda funny," Shoyo giggled.

"I'd like to start over, if that's alright with you," Tobio calmed down and looked down at Shoyo's bright amber eyes. "I'm Tobio Kageyama, I'm a Setter. It's nice to meet you."

"Hahaha...I'm Shoyo Hinata! I'm a Spiker," he smiled, before shoving the volleyball at him. "Toss for me!"

"Alright Dumbass," Tobio smiled taking the volleyball back.

"Hey!" Shoyo huffed, following him to the net.

"What?" Tobio grinned. "I thought you wanted an awesome nickname?"

"That's not awesome..." Shoyo blushed.

"Guess I'll have to work on it," he laughed, getting ready to set the ball up.

Shoyo glanced up at the tall raven haired boy standing next to him. Why is my soul mark aching so badly?

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