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{ Aqua POV }

Me: hey betches from the east

Joey: ummm we live in Texas we are southerners

Leah: Stuntin is a habbit

Me: is that even how you spell it?

Joey: no Leah is a dumb bitch its spelled Habit

Leah: are you sure

Leah: I could've sworn it was Habbit

Joey: are you questioning my spelling

Me: here we go again

Joey: listen here bitch

Joey: I do believe that I won spelling bees twice in a row at our school

Joey: so imma need you to fallback

Leah: *rolls eyes*

Joey: you started it

Leah: nuhun

Joey: yuhun

Me: childish behavior

Leah: nah childish gambino

Leah: tomorrow is thrusday which means thanksgiving

Joey: no one gives a guck

Leah: *fuck*

Joey: -.- typo stupid

Leah: haven't I heard that before

Me: back to the subject on thanksgiving

Joey: like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted

Joey: no one gives a fuck about thanksgiving its all about Black Friday

Me: yaass

Leah: who's driving



Leah: yall don't say that during lunch

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