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"No one's quiting, you think you're choking me? I'll make you feel like I'm gripping your neck just to let this relationship stay. Is that what you want?"

Dahyun only stared at him, she sniffed and looked away.

"What, Dahyun?" She didn't speak but she looked at her bag from Jungkook, she's about to take it but Jungkook stopped her.

"I am tired, Jungkook. Give it back." She wiped her tears.

"No. You're not the only one who's tired, I am too. But I am here because I don't want this night pass that we're not okay."


"I am not giving this back to you, unless you stop crying." Dahyun stopped pulling her bag from him.

"You did this to me." Dahyun said.

"I know, I made that. Now you know my side, I have no feelings for anyone except you Dahyun. So please, please..."

Dahyun nodded.

"Okay, I'll stop." Dahyun wiped her face. "Happy? I am not crying anymore so give my bag back and let me rest." Jungkook didn't move and just looked at her, Dahyun is just looking at her bag. When Dahyun pulled the bag, Jungkook took the opportunity to hold her hand and pulled her to him. "Jungkook!"

He wrapped his arms around her.

"Stay with me." He said and his arms got tighter around her.

"I am not really going to break-up with you, I'm just testing you." Dahyun pushed him a little to make his arms less tight on her waist.

"That's not what I mean, what I mean is stay in my apartment." He said.


"What?" Dahyun removed his arms to her.

"Who said we're okay now? Can you at least give me one night to breathe." Dahyun took a deep breath.

"Is it suffocating?" Dahyun closed her eyes.

"Very suffocating."

"Let's have a drink?" He offered, Dahyun opened her eyes once again.

"No, I am not drinking." She said, Jungkook chuckled.

"I'm kidding."

Dahyun walked to his car.

"You're coming with me?" He asked, Dahyun get inside his car without answering him. He smiled and placed Dahyun's bag in the backseat and get inside his car. "So we're okay now?"

Dahyun is just looking at the window.

"Just drive, take me home or what." She said without looking at him.

"To my apartment." He said. Dahyun just let out a breath.


Eunha woke up early, she can't really sleep thinking that she's in JHope's house. She went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator seeing it's full and organized.

"Is this really a guy's house?" She asked herself and took the fresh milk and drink, she nearly effused the drink when she closed the refrigerator and JHope was standing there.

"You're really gonna make a mess?" He asked, Eunha swallowed the milk and wiped her lips.

"You startled me!" She said. JHope wiped the door of the fridge. "Excuse me? You're over reacting, I didn't spit the milk out." She cleared.

"Yeah, I know." JHope faced her and looked at the milk she's holding. "That milk is good for 8 glasses." He said.

"Hmm, then I'll bring it back to the fridge."

"No." JHope stopped her. "You drink it directly, milk won't stay even a day. It'll stale easily."

"Oh, I'll drink it then." Eunha sipped again.

"All of them? Like you're not going to have a bad stomach drinking the one liter?" Eunha shook her head, JHope did the same. "Are you going to BigHit?" He asked.

"No, we're scheduled to source today."

"All day?"


"Go straight home, after."

"I am not really fun of going out after work."

"Really?" JHope asked.


"I mean go straight home here."


"I will be here later when we finished."

"You're not going to stay in your dorm? I can't leave GFriend, we are required to stay together."

"I'll talk to the staffs in charge of your actitivies today. Your manager."


*Ding Dong!*

JHope excused his self and opened the door.

"How's Jung Hoseok?" It's Namjoon with Taehyung.

"What are you doing here? I never allowed you to come over here just for fun." JHope said.

"No we're not here to have fun but to pick you up. What is taking you so long?" Taehyung poked Namjoon's shoulder, his eyes went behind JHope and saw Eunha. "Oh, you took your sister home. Good morning, Eunha!" Namjoon smiled. Eunha bowed her head.

"I am going to bighit, you may go." JHope said.

"I thought Eunha left like Dahyun, I heard she didn't come home." Taehyung said.

"Just leave." JHope said.

"Okay, okay." Namjoon said and JHope closed the door.

"Why you didn't let them in?" Eunha asked.

"They're just going to make a mess." Eunha shook her head.

"Ugh, I already hate staying here. Yeah, everything is nice but no fun." Eunha turned around and get inside her room.


Dahyun stayed in Jungkook's apartment, but she said she wanted to stay in the other room. Jungkook thought they're still not okay with each other but she just let her be, Jungkook woke up first. He thought he's late and rushed to the kitchen, no one's there. He really planned waking up early to make breakfast for Dahyun, he's a little bit rushing to act normal when she gets up. But he already finished everything but Dahyun isn't still going out, he's looking at the time thinking if she has schedules for the day.

"Should I wake her up?" He asked his self and walked to the door and knocked. "Dahyun?" He knocked again and slowly opened the door, there she is still sleeping. All pillows are scarttered around the floor and her blanket is about to fall, Jungkook get inside and picked the three pillows up and placed it back to bed. Dahyun is still sleeping heavily, Jungkook pulled the blanket and sat on the edge of the bed and stared at her while sleeping.

Dahyun moved and scratched her arm, slowly opening her eyes.

"Good morning, cute cheeks." Jungkook chuckled.

"Give me more sleep." Dahyun was looking for the blanket back, it's already folded in Jungkook. "Where's the blanket?" Dahyun asked while her eyes are closed. Jungkook didn't answer. "Hey." She opened her eyes again looking at him.

"What?" He asked.

"The blanket, please. It's cold." Jungkook chuckled and put the blanket on the side table. He get on the bed and laid down beside her. "Hey, what are you doing?"

"Body heat is best." Jungkook whispered and wrapped his arms around her. Dahyun tried getting his arms off her.


"What?" He closed his eyes.

"Get off now, I'm getting up. Stop making things awkward." She said.

"Awkward? It's like we never cuddled and made more than this?" Dahyun beat his arm.



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