Chapter 1

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Izuku: Can I be a hero, even if I don't have a quirk?

Izuku asks his big idol, All Might. Who is standing in front of him in his skeleton shape. All Might shakes his head and heads for the stairwell door.

All Might: I'm sorry, but you can't be a hero.

Without looking back, All Might leaves the roof. A world is breaking up for Izuku, but instead of starting to cry, he smiles sadly and looks over the city.

Izuku: I thought so, I just can't be a hero. So my training was for nothing.

Izuku looks over the railing for a while and then goes to the stairwell.

Izuku: I better go home, mom is probably worried about me.

Izuku goes home without detours, when he comes through the door he is greeted by his mother, who notices that something is wrong.

Inko: Izuku sweetie, what is wrong?

Izuku: I understood today that I can't be a hero.

Inko: Oh sweetie.

Inko hugs her son, hoping that will help. Izuku hugs back and a few tears fall from his eyes. After a while the two let go and Inko looks at her son.

Inko: What will you do now?

Izuku: I don't know. I will give Dad a call.

Inko: Okay, tell him i say hello.

Izuku: Will do mom.

Izuku goes to his room, closes the door and sits on his bed. He takes out his cell phone and dials his father's number. It takes a short time but then the call is accepted.

Izuku's Dad: Hello Izuku, how are you my son?

Izuku: Could be better dad.

Izuku's Dad: How's that?

Izuku explains what happened.

Izuku's Dad: You know what Izuku?

Izuku: What?

Izuku's Dad: Fuck them, fuck them all. Who cares if you can't be a hero.

Izuku: But what should I do dad?


Izuku drops his cell phone, but quickly holds it back to his ear.

Izuku's Dad: Izuku what did I teach you the last few years? What did you want to beat me in? In what have you lost to me four hundred times?

Izuku:*Angry* I only lost 387 times!

Izuku's Dad: Hahaha, are your sure? Well do you know what I mean?

Izuku: Of course, you mean cooking, but I don't want to start working in a restaurant run by someone who underestimates me.

Izuku's Father sighs, but then starts to laugh.

Izuku's Dad: You know we both are really similar. I will give you a early birthday present.

Izuku: What do you mean?

Izuku's Dad: I will give you my old restaurant.

The call is silent until Izuku goes nuts.


Izuku's Dad: Did I never mentioned that?

Izuku: *Facepalm* No you didn't.

Izuku's Dad: Well yeah I do, it's located at the dagobah beach.

Some other voice is heard in the background from Izuku's father site.

Izuku's Dad: Sorry Izuku, I need to go. Just ask your mother for the keys and say her I said hello.

Izuku: Thanks dad and I should say to you that mom says hello.

Izuku's Dad: Thank you Izuku, bye.

Izuku hangs up and looks out of the window with determination.

Izuku: I will beat you one day dad. This is the start of my new life....

as a chef.

To be continued.

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