Chapter Two ---> Ever

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Chapter 2

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4 weeks into my SENIOR year!!! Thank god it's my last year of high school. I am so sick of all these immature people that have no clue what they're doing. If you can't tell yet, I am not a people person. The only friend I basically have is Ever and I am perfectly fine with that. Don't get me wrong I know other people but I consider them more of an acquaintance than a friend.

Mondays... oh they are the days that I dread the most. I got up 5 minutes late and that set me back. Ha-ha no I'm just playing, I don't really care what people think of me so I'm not one of those girls that takes half an hour to get ready. My fashion is more along the lines of eye liner, a long sleeve white shirt with my favorite Bob Marley T' (I know so cliché for a stoner) and my favorite pair of ripped jeans with my Hollister flip flops. (The only Hollister thing you will find near me, shut up! Their comfy) after I get dressed I straighten my hair and then I'm out and driving over to Ever's to pick her up for school. We alternate driving, so every other week I drive.

When I pull up I see Ever trying to hide something behind her back. She sucks at surprises. lol. It's her bowl "baby blue", let me tell you that bowl is AWESOME! She knows I was stressing last night over these damn tests I have today. THREE tests in one day, why are teachers so mean! I swear they get together and do this on purpose. I really wish Ever was at my house last night, I was stressing over these tests and I needed control. I cut myself, It's not the first time and probably won't be the last. But I don't do it as often as I use to, I was just under a lot of pressure and needed a release. It wasn't drastic. But it's not scabbed over yet so I have to be careful not to jerk around or it will open up and start bleeding again.

"Hey Ez, how was studying for all those tests?" Ever asked as she tried to hide my surprise behind her back.

"It was terrible! I'm so freaked out. I'm barely passing Economics; this test is going to ruin everything. I need a lil pick me up..." I knew what she was hiding and she always knows how to make me calm down and focus.

"Yea yea yea. Here Ez, but this time don't drive and hit it at the same time. We can be a lil late for school." She past me her bowl Baby Blue :) I took my hits, not enough to make me go to lala land but enough to help me focus and calm down. I gave her the bowl with a funny smile and then sat there deep in thought while she finished it off.

"HELLO!!! Earth to Ezzzzzie!! I didn't think you hit it that hard! Let's go its cashed now."

She put the bowl away and I started towards Tange High School. Have I told her lately that I love her.!? Cause I do.

"I love you chick, I hope you know that."

"I know, and I love you too bestie : )"

Ugh... Tange City High, oh how I hate you. I hate the teachers and I hate the fake ass people there, especially this chick Erin Sewall. She is the school slut AND bitch. I know every high school has one, but this chick has to be 10 times worse. She has slept with almost every guy in school and is working her way up to the College boys. She also loves to make my life a living hell. I have no clue what I ever did to her but ever since 7th grade she has had it in for me. Her little followers Dallas and Sara, Dallas is a sweetie and Sara is looking for things in all the wrong places. They don't make fun of me but they don't stick up for me either, I guess popularity is more important than having a soul.

Now the guys of TCH... Ace Dixon is the biggest player of the school, new flavor every week for him. Ha-ha I just laughed out loud, Ever probably thinks I'm crazy.

 "What's so funny Ezzy?" she asked with a skeptical look.

"Nothing Hun, just thinking about Ace and his sluttynes..." Ha-ha.

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