New Writer Shirts Available!

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"Master of the WritingSprint"

New shirts are available with which you can boast your skills and love of writing.  

Wear it for National Novel Writing Month, book cons, writing retreats, or other events, or get it as a gift for your writer friends or family members.  :)

Teal print on Premium shirt, which comes in multiple colors: 

Black, light blue, pink, yellow, white, gray, orange, and purple.

Other Updates: I've been busy, busy, busy! But I've gotten a lot of my website updated and now I have some really cool stuff available for you guys. I plan to make some more free PDF's you can download and use as worksheets to improve or streamline your writing, and I'll be making courses available over time.  The goal is to get everything in order for those of you who want to start taking your writing to a career level, which means setting up a professional website (and all of the extra marketing and design stuff involved), and other things.  :)  Exciting!

Also, I'll be adding more to this tips book as soon as the schedule allows.

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