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Natalias POV
I could not believe my mom was leaving for Ireland! What else was she going to tell me now?
"Natália! Eu preciso te dizer uma coisa importante!"
What had to be so important?
"Sim Mamãe?"
My mom walked down the stairs with a stack of papers.
I looked at the papers. They had signatures and very fine print.
"What is this?"
I looked through the pages. Quickly tossing them into a sloppy pile.
"Your father and I want to divorce!"
"Não! No, uimh!"
I pushed the papers off the table.
"Natalia! I'm doing this for you!"
"Then why do you work across the earth?"
I felt Noah's hand touch my shoulder. I quickly brushed it off. I felt  tears fill my eyes. I hated the man, but he was my father. My only father.
"It's too bad. I'm forging your signature on the papers! My boyfriend is coming in an hour!"
I glared her in the eye and got up grabbed my phone, and stomped up the stairs. Noah followed quietly.
I threw myself on the bed and stared to cry.
"Te odeio! Eu sempre tenho e vou!"
I screamed as loud as I could. I felt Noah's hand on my shoulder. I silently looked at him. I felt the tears stream down my face. He held me in a gentle hug for a while. I had to break the silence as it got awkward.
" I wish she spoke that in Portuguese."
"It's ok. I promise Nati."
Nati. He called me Nati. It brought a little smile over my face. I squeezed him gently and walked to the window. A blue car pulled up and a man got out. We watched my mom walk outside and hug the man. We walked down the stairs and sat on the couch.
"Afonso, meet my daughter, Natalia!"
I watched as the tall man walked over and got down on his knees.
"Olá Natalia!"
I looked him up and down. The smell of cologne hiding the beer. I turned around and hid behind Noah.
"Eu estarei no meu quarto com Noah. Não venha procurar!"
I grabbed Noah's hand and stomped up the stairs. I walked Noah into my room and slammed the door shut. Noah stood in the middle of the floor, frozen. I walked over, and hugged him. I looked up and saw his face. He had a smile that warmed my heart. Noah looked down at me and stared me in the eyes. I felt as if we were leaning towards each other when I heard a knock on the door. Afonso.
"Nati, can we talk?"
"We need to!"
I excused myself from the room and stepped in the hall.
"Stop right there buster! Nobody except for Noah calls me Nati ya here! That's his name for me! Not yours! Second of all, your not my dad, so stop acting like it!" I said strongly. I put force behind each word.
" Stop talking to me like this! If I wanna call you that, então inferno eu vou!"
He was no longer a good man. I stared him up and down and walked back to my room. I put my head in the crook of Noah's neck and hugged him tightly. Noah was a safe place. A sanctuary. His hand rubbed my back slowly. I placed my hand on his chest, and held his shirt. We sat on my bed in the cool room. I closed my eyes and stared to hum. I hummed an old song that I loved. I started to get tired. I guess Noah did too. I walked over to my closet and grabbed the same clothes Noah wore when he slept. I handed him the clothes and told him to get changed. I stood on the top step as I looked down at my mom.
"Noah pode dormir?"
I walked back to my room and Noah followed.
"My mom said yes."
I smiled as I curled up against Noah's warm chest as we softly drifted to sleep.

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