Face Me!

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Bakugo's PoV

" READY! SET! GO!" I heard All Might yell over the speaker. In that instance the door opened and I ran out of the cage like box. I ran through what looked like an abandoned neighborhood. I already had a strategy, and it was to face him head on.

While watching Deku go through all his other fights I didn't feel like he was going all out. That kitten was definitely holding back. I'm not sure how I knew but I could just feel it.

Like when he fought Todoroki. The battle between the two was getting pretty heated, and soon enough it look like the kitten was going to throw the final blow. But, as he swiped his paws at icy hot, he changed where he was aiming last second. Missing the boy. Allowing icy hot a chance to catch Deku, and leaving a big hole in the wall we're the cat had aimed.

Now, to others it just looked like Todoroki dodged, but I could see past the act. Ha I'll make sure you can't hold back on me Deku. I'll show everyone I'm the strongest.

" GOO!" I heard the loud shout from not so far in the distance, and soon enough I saw the green kitten running straight in my direction. It stopped pretty far away from me, giving himself some distance.

" Hey Deku," I started making sure I had the cats attention. " I don't want a half assed fight like you gave everyone else. If you hold back I'll finish you off just as quickly as I've done with the other nerd. And, I have to admit you remind me so much of him it pisses me off, sometimes." Even though he was so far away I saw the cat giving me a serious glare. " SO COME AT ME!"

As I requested the cat started running up to me, and he wasn't planning on slowing down. Soon enough he was really close to me, but a the last second he tried to swiftly make his way around me. Emphasis on the tried.

I kittens eyes went wide. I had blocked him, he obviously wasn't expecting that. " I already told you Deku. If you go all half assed on me I'll destroy you." He then hopped back trying give himself some distance, but I followed him keeping the space between us the same.

I then kicked him down making him land on the floor with a big thump. I jumped back getting in a stance that would give me lots of balance. " If you don't dodge this," I started putting my hand on my gauntlet, getting ready to pull the pin. " You'll probably be knocked out or at least immobilized. Then I'll win."

Then with out a second thought I pulled the pin, letting a huge explosion be set off in Deku's direction. Lots of dust flew through the air making me unable to see him. Is he down? I questioned as the dust started the settle. The dust was still slightly clearing as I walked forward. I spotted a green suite lying on the floor. " He, got you nerd."

Wait if he's down why hasn't All Might made the announcement? I started jogging up to where I saw the suite, but that's all it was a suite. I spun around searching for the kitten, when I finally spotted him in the distance. Running away. That bastard!

" NOT ON MY WATCH DEKU!" I shouted as I sent my self flying forward to catch up with him. He turned his head to see me flying at him, making him pick up the pace. Eventually I caught up to him sending another kick in his direction. Dodging, he slid, his claws scraping the concrete. Little blood streaks followed his paws, as he seemed to hiss a little in pain.

" Stop running away!" I painted out slightly tired from all the running. That little stunt he pulled got him a lot closer to the safety zone then I thought. Damn he's pretty fast. " Why won't you just face me head on!?" I question him without thought, it's not like he could answer.

" Do you think I'm weak? That I can't handle it? I'm a hero too, aren't I?"

" Meow," I stopped yelling after I herd that. He responded. Even though it was just a meow he still responded. My head went immediately back to what our teachers and said, ' As you can see he can also answer you questions, just yes or no ones.'

" Urg! People like you are the worst! I don't understand, if you have gone all out you probably could have won more of those matches!" I saw Deku now looking at me with wide eyes. " The Deku I know would go all out no matter what! If you don't go all out then your just a waste of my fucking time!"

I saw the cats eyes go into more of slits, he was starting to look serious. I now rushed at the cat sending at punch at him, but he dodged jumping into the air above me. He then swiped his paw at me sending a burst of energy and wind, making me drop to the floor.

" Heh, now we're getting somewhere." I got up getting in a stance, I saw Deku do the same. We both launched at each other, I then started to send a punch at him. But, I missed. He had maneuvered his body to where I had missed him.

I was then sent flying in the other direction. I back hit a building wall and I groaned out a little in pain. I looked up to see Deku freeze before starting to run to the safety zone yet again. After a second I got back on my feet and started to chase him, yet again.

We were coming up on the safety zone pretty quickly, but I was right behind the green haired kitten. He was now a few feet from the door, so I leaped forward to grab him.

Word Count: 1010!

BANG! Imma leave it on a cliff hanger cuz I can! Hehehe!
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