Chapter 19

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Okay here is the update! For all of you that complained on the other note I hope you stop reading because I will post notes if I want to. For all of you that didn't I love you!

Anthony's POV

Today was by bachelor party and Cecilia's Bachelorette party. I was going out with someone of the guys from the ranch while Cecilia was staying here at the house. I looked down at Cecilia who was still asleep. She was so beautiful and I was lucky to have her. Cecilia was the mother of my boys and I can't wait to get married to her on Saturday. I ran my finger across her cheek and then her lips. "You know staring isn't polite," she says and opens her beautiful brown eyes. "I wasn't staring I was admiring (AN: I've used this one personally when I stared at a guy and my friend said stop creeping)," I told her and she laughed. "Well it's time to get up and these boys are getting big," Cecilia said and put her hand on her baby bump. "I can't wait for my babies," I said and kissed her bump.

"Well right now we both need to get dress. You have to hit the ranch and I am going to go make sure all the wedding chairs and stuff is getting here on time. Since we ordered it from the United States I want to make sure it's all here," Cecilia said and got up. I stood on my feet and we both made our way to the walk in closet. She chose a purple dress with brown sandals and a brown belt. I grabbed a gray tank top and my blue jeans. I then chose my gray boots. "I'll see you for lunch," I told her and kissed Cecilia's cheek. She nodded and I made my way downstairs.

3 hours later....

I rode my horse to the house and saw Cecilia with Paloma. A lot of trucks were here dropping off the wedding chairs, tables, pillars, etc. Cecilia was running around with Paloma trying to calm her down. I shook my head and laughed. I rode towards Cecilia who looked stressed. "No the chairs and tables go over there," Cecilia yelled and then gave a frustrated sigh. "Ceci you need to calm down. You're stressing your self to much and it might effect the babies," I told her and she looked at me. "You're right. I need to go lay down. Paloma you know what I want. Can you handle this please?" Cecilia asked Paloma. "Yeah I can see you're stressed and you need energy for your bachelorette party," She told Cecilia. Cecilia rolled her eyes and I jumped off my horse. "Jessie can you get my horse for me!" I yelled and Jessie nodded his head. 

I walked Cecilia inside and she was falling asleep. "Cecilia are you okay?" I asked her. "Yeah I'm just tired," She whispered and I lead her to the couch. She leaned against me and I kissed her forehead. Cecilia fell asleep instantly and I just held her. All of this planning and taking care of the kids must have caught up to her. I closed my eyes picturing my boys running around and Cecilia kissing me. I then fell asleep soon after.

That Night..... Bachelorette Party

Cecilia's POV

"Mine next!" My friend, Allie. said and I smiled. "Okay hand me yours," I said with a chuckle. We were currently opening my presents and so far I have gotten jewelry, stuff for me kids, new dresses, and sexy lingerie. Allie handed me a big purple bag. I moved the tissue paper to reveal a picture frame. I lifted it out to reveal a big frame with a collage of photos of the kids, Anthony, and me. "Where did you get these?" I asked her and saw the ones from our vacation to Spain. "I got a little help from Anthony's mother. She said she had made extra copies of every picture," Allie told me and I hugged her. "It's beautiful," I said and pulled away. "Okay but I think we all want to see the ring even though we've seen it already. It's just so beautiful," my friend, Jessica said and I laughed. "Well fine. Only because I love the ring too," I said and then held out my left hand. "It's so beautiful" and "Damns" were heard. "You got lucky. He is goregous, a good father, and well a hard worker," Mary, a good friend of mine, said. I nodded and said," I'm getting married!" Everyone screamed and laughed. But what I didn't notice was someone watching in the shadows. 

( AN: if you're a crier then grab some tissues)

Joseph's POV

What she said broke my heart. I started to realize that in five days I would lose her forever. I prayed to God that I would be able to kiss or hold her one more time. I needed to see her before she got married to him. I know I lost her but she was my one and only love. I walked to my room and pictured when we were together. I wish I didn't ruin our relationship. Cecilia had been the first girl to make me nervous and the first girl to make me crave her. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt a tear stream down my cheek. I wiped the tears away and stared at a frame of Cecilia when we had our first day. I closed my eyes and dreamt of what we could have had. 


Marissa's POV

I sat on my bed looking outside. I hugged the bear that Joseph bought me closer to me. I couldn't sleep and I didn't know why. I didn't want to bother mommy because she was having fun downstairs and Alex was already asleep. So I climbed down from my bed with my blanket and bear. I closed the door to my room and walked to Joseph's room. I opened the door quitely and walked in with my blanket dragging on the floor. "Joseph," I whispered and poked his nose. "Can I sleep with you?" I asked him when he turned to face me. He nodded half asleep and made room for me. I soon fell asleep in the arms of my dad. I finally felt safe. 

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