Her purple high heels were the first thing I saw. They sparkled every time the strobe lights flashed acrossed her shoes. They were some sexy shoes, with each click, as the woman approached me, my heart skipped. I was turned on by something so simple, was I that lost? Did I miss Emma that much?

I squeezed my eyes shut in an attempt to block out how much I missed her. It took that moment for the woman's heels to be on either side of my thighs, efficiently straddling me. The woman sat on my lap gazing into my eyes. Her eyes were such a beautiful shade of green. I wanted this moment to last. I wanted to seek comfort in this slutty place. That's why people went to strip clubs, right?

The woman gave me a seductive smile, it didn't reach her eyes. I know because I couldn't bring myself to look away. Until she moved and kissed my neck, trailing slow sultry pecks, before she nibbled on my ear lobe. I moaned deep in my throat. Revelling in this much need distraction.

"You like that?" She purred, now sucking on my tender ear. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. Who blushes at a time like this? A guy like me that was for sure.

I just nodded my head, and the woman continued her dirty assault. Her fingers stuck in my hair, she yanked and moaned every now and then. I wasn't sure if she was going at such a slow pace, for the sense of foreplay or if she was as unsure as I felt.

Her lips traced along my jaw line trailing kisses towards my mouth. I saw her hesitation even if it was quick. I saw the fear and distress flicker in her green eyes. I wanted to tell her it was okay. To tell her she didn't have to. Heck, I was tempted to ask her out for coffee. But she kissed me. I saw it in her eyes, she swallowed her pride and dignity to press her lips against mine. It's not like the first kiss in movies. She wasn't hesitant then suddenly melt against my lips. No the kiss was forced, and I didn't want to force a beauty like her into a kiss. Stripper, or not.

I gently gripped her shoulders pulling her away from me. The uncertainty flashed back in her eyes before she blinked towards confidence.

"Am I doing something wrong?" She purred, her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip. If I wasn't so observant I would've probably brush the action off as seduction. But I saw her lip quiver.

"No, No not at all." My hard on proved exactly that. As I squirmed she smiled so sure of herself and tried pining me back against the chair. But I just couldn't.

"No, No. I think we're done." I told her standing up from the chair.

She tucked her blonde hair behind her ear, and bit her lip nervously. Should I apologize?

" Oh hot damn, Nathaniel who knew who had it in you to score that!" My friend Rob exclaimed smacked her ass roughly, I saw the pain glaze in her green eyes. I wanted to shelter her. She looked to only be her early twenties, to young to be sucked in this sleazy life.

" What are you doing just standing there, Nat? Tap. That. Ass." He growled out, slurring from the obvious effect the alcohol had on him.

"Nah. I think we should just lea-"

"Or I will!" Rob grinned down at the high heeled beauty. Taking in her body barely covered by the black mini skirt and bikini top. He grabbed her wrist yanking her towards his chest. She winced, clamping down on her bottom lip again. This time , though, her eyes shoned anger.

"Rob, let me drive you home."

"Pish Posh, don't be such a pansey." His arms wrapped around the blonde pushing her harder in his chest. "Let's have fun!" He slurred.

Rob towered over her skinny frame, putting his hand under her chin. His mouth parted ready to assault her mouth.

"Wait, No!" She exclaimed pushing him. Her fear was all I needed to hear.

I grabbed Robert's bicep tugging him away from her. Robert in his drunken state tripped over his feet and into myself and a man sitting with another showgirl. Robert and I tumbled over the guy and landed on the floor.

I should've known this plan was going to hit the fan. When was Rob ever known for thinking of anything brilliant?

"Dude what the fuck!" The man bellow me bellowed shoving me off him

" I'm sorry, my bad." I muttered helping Robert to his feet.

"Yeah, you will be sorry when I pound your goddamn face in." The buff black dude attempted to be intimidating, but he was so much shorter than me. And his voice too... fabulous!

" Yeah , Yeah." I murmured dragging Robert away from the scene. I looked around for the blonde high-heeled girl to make sure she was safe. But I couldn't find her. So I dragged Robert through the maze of the cloudy strip club, filled with sleazy men and woman, drugs and enough alcohol to flood the place.

" Let me get a vodka for the road." Robert slurred slowly when we passed the bar. His arms outstretched towards the liquor.

"No, Rob. You've had enough." I continued to tug him out, smiling politely at the women who tried to cling to my body.

Soon enough I led Rob out; my heart heavy with the thought of the heeled beauty. She didn't belong here, but who was I to make that judgement so soon? I knew nothing of the stripper, but why did I want to know more already?

/// Emily's P.O.V ///

"What the fuck was that, huh!?" Marcos gripped my wrist holding it up in air while his other arm was placed on my back. He was angry, his spit flying out of his mouth as he yelled at me.

" I-I don't know." My voice small.

"You don't know!?" His chuckle held no humor ," how do you not know why you were on that man's lap like you were a virgin instead of the whore he walked in here to see!"

I honestly don't know. I don't know why I was so hesitant, besides the fear that was glued to the bottom of my stomach, I felt his fear. He didn't want me. And I didn't want to be a whore. God, my thoughts made no sense.

" Oh so know you're a mute virgin!? We'll see about that." I saw the lust flicker in his eyes before he gripped my head roughly pushing his mouth against mine. His tongue moving violently, and if I ate anything earlier today I would've chucked it all up. Right there in his mouth, with no regrets.

His lips departed from mine, his smug smile made we want to lash out. Slap him in the face, but he beat me to it. Backhanding me so hard across my cheek that I fell down in a heap of pain. But he didn't leave me there. He ignored the gasps from the few showgirls around us back-stage, and gripped my shoulder so I was back on my feet.

"If you ever pull that shit again, I'll show you how much of a slut you truly are!" He roared in my face. I'd like to say I stood my ground, and didn't show any fear. But I cowered, wincing at his words and the promise beneath them.

He pushed me away, then turned to storm back out to prey on any other slut who was doing her job, incorrectly.

"Are you alright?" Glimmer helped me back to my feet, holding a bag of ice to my cheek. Her purple hair covered in silver glimmer waved back and forth towards me from the force of the fan.

"Yeah, just dandy."

" Well, keep that ice to your cheek. Most men aren't attracted to bruises." Glimmer smirked letting any thought of us actually becoming friends fly out the window. But why did I need friends, when there was amazing people like Marcos lurking around my life?

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