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my feet pounded against the ground, pushing me further through the trees, they'd gotten somewhat thicker now, shorter. I was a ways away from the were-vamp's house now, but I was quickly becoming tired. Panting now, I hoped that he hadn't followed me. The fact that I'd just been sitting around had lowered the limited stamina I already had. It wasn't long before I felt arms around me and I hit the ground.
I scrambled a bit before lacing my fingers together and rolling to the side, smacking my chaser in the face.
The red head fell over before growling.
"Stop being difficult." He grumbled before I kicked him in the gut.
He let go and I scrambled to my feet.
"Difficult!? You murdered my father!"
"I only knocked him out." He said as he started getting to his feet.
"And did you start the fire too?" I asked. He'd been acting this whole time, pretending to be my friend. I felt sick to my stomach, I didn't want to be anywhere near him.
He launched at me, but I stepped to the side, shoving him into a tree trunk.
"I trusted you Terrence!"
"You didn't before." He frowned at me grabbing one of my arms.
I kneed him between the legs making him keel over.
"And I don't anymore. I want nothing to do with you, Leave Me Alone!" I yelled at him and ran away before he'd recovered.
I kept running, but now I was crying again. My heart hurt, Terrence had betrayed my trust in so many ways, all because he what? Had a crush on me? He didn't even truly care about me.
I rubbed my eyes, trying to see clearly where I was going, but it was blurred.
Arms wrapped around me again, stopping me from running. I threw my arm back, smacking my elbow into the person's face. They let go instantly with a shout of pain and I looked behind me startled, Terrence only grunted when I hit him. But this wasn't Terrence.
Nate was clutching his nose in pain.
"Ow what the heck?" He asked looking over at me.
I gasped nearly frozen, but my body moved towards him instinctively. I tackled him in a hug, causing him to fall over with a yelp.
I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, he'd found me!
"You look so surprised, I told you I'd come back for you." He smiled, pushing my hair out of my face before he frowned.
"Are you ok? I'll been looking for you for months, when I saw your house had been burned down I worried that you'd gone off on your own."
I looked at him confused before frowning myself. Looks like Terrence had been lying to me more than I'd thought. Either that, or Nate was a lot more careful about his scent trail.
I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent helped calmed me down some, and his hands brushed away my tears.
"I, I was staying with Terrence, I thought he was trying to help but..He was just a liar." I frowned, feeling stupid.
"I kinda figured that mutt had something to do with this. I can smell him all over you." Nate frowned.
"Are you ok?" He asked and I nodded.
"I'm fine now." I said hugging him tightly.
"Well, we'd better get outta here before he comes after you." Nate shrugged off his jacket, throwing it around my shoulders.
He didn't like the redhead's scent on me, and neither did I.
I happily put it on, smelling it with a smile.
"I missed you." I murmured as he put an arm around me.
"I missed you too Moon." He told me, kissing my head.
"Come on, let's go home." He said, grabbing my hand and pulling me in the direction I'd already been going.
For a second I thought about my house, but as we ran, I knew he meant his home, which would now be my own home. But really, I didn't care. As long as I was with my mate, I was already home.

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