Chapter 2: School

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Angie's POV
The alarm of my phone buzzed

I groaned and tried to turn it off, I just wanted to stay in bed for a little longer, but I had to remember myself that today was the first day of school

When I made this realization I quickly sat in bed and turned my alarm off, ready to start my day

I got to the bathroom to get ready but my brother was already in there

"James can you please be fast I need to get ready" I yelled to my little brother through the door

"You'll take longer so who cares" he said

I gasped "I will not" I said

"Yeah sure" he said

I sighed, this was going to be a long day, as my brother was on the bathroom and would most likely take more time I got to the kitchen, where my mom was making breakfast and humming a song, I quickly smiled I loved when my mom sang, she just did it so good

"Hey mom" I said taking two pancakes that she had made

"Oh hey sweetheart I didn't see you there, did you sleep well?" She asked as I smiled at her

"Yes I did the worst part was getting up" I said as my mom giggled

"I can't believe you're already in senior year, it's like yesterday you were going to 1 st grade" she said and I rolled my eyes

"Mom stop you're making me sound old" I said laughing

"You old?" My mom laughed

"Good morning mommy" William said going to my mom and giving her a hug

My mom picked him up and giggled "good morning my boy did you sleep well?"

My brother nodded and I finished my breakfast

I rolled my eyes but smiled and quickly got up the stairs to see if my brother or anyone was still in the bathroom, to my surprise there was no one in the bathroom

I quickly got in the bathroom and got ready for the day

When I was putting the things in my bag for the day Frances started video calling me, I answered and there was Mary and Frances on the camera

"Good morning girl" Mary said

"Morning" I smiled to them and continued doing my things

"When are you coming to school we're already here" Frances said

"I'm going right now I'll call you guys when I'm there" I said giving a smile

"Kay see you girl" Mary said waving

"Byeee" Frances said and ended the video call

When I was making my way to the car I noticed that none of my brothers were there waiting for me to drop them off at school, then I quickly made a realization,

That's why the house was so quiet, and why the bathroom was unoccupied, My dad forgot me and had already left with the rest of my brothers,

I groaned angrily

He didn't even say anything to me, I quickly ran back home

"Mom" I called

"Yes sweetheart?" My mom said and I walked to the kitchen

"Dad left left with Aj, James and John and didn't told me anything" I said

My mom sighed "you have to walk to school then sweetheart, I think there's just subways in one hour, maybe you could ask one of your friends to take you"

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