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"and that's going to conclude are meeting everyone,thank you for listening." wonwoo says, the council members around the oval-shaped table, clapping at the end of wonwoo's presentation. as wonwoo packed his things away, the other members praised him for doing such a good presentation. wonwoo's voice was soothing to listen to, and the language and structure he uses in his speech made it easy for everyone to understand. not only that, he treated the council members with respect and care as if they've been friends for ages. that's what made wonwoo such a good council president.

when wonwoo walked out the meeting room, locking the door, he found mingyu on his phone sitting by the door. "oh, you're finally done."

"how long have you been sitting there?" wonwoo asked, watching as mingyu stand up.

"since the end of school."

"but that was two hours ago?!"

mingyu shrugged. "well what am i supposed to do while i wait?" wonwoo stayed quiet, feeling a little guilty for making mingyu wait for that long. "let's just get going."

they walked out of the school building into the car park on the side of the school. when wonwoo sees mingyu walking towards his motorcycle, he stops. noticing that wonwoo wasn't walking by his side anymore, mingyu turned around to see wonwoo with a worried and anxious look on his face. "what's wrong?"

he shook his head and walked to mingyu and the motorcycle. "nothing! i'm totally fine." mingyu was about to say something again but shrugged it off, leaping onto the motorcycle before turning the engine on and revving it up. and just from this small gesture and the loud noises that were coming from the vehicle, managed to make wonwoo jump.

at first mingyu was confused as to why wonwoo was acting this way, until a thought made him realise something. "are you... scared of my motorcycle?"

wonwoo nervously laughed. "what? of course not! what's there to be scared about?" he said with such confidence until  mingyu purposely turned the motorcycle handle to create a loud sound again, causing wonwoo to let out a small shriek. "eek!"

mingyu chuckled at wonwoo's cute, scared behaviour and smirked. "liar."

"don't do that! it's too loud!"

"you're such a baby." mingyu cooed, taking out a helmet from his bag, tossing it to wonwoo. "i figured you'd want to be safe and have a helmet on."

mingyu could tell wonwoo was still hesitant to ride the motorcycle, and he didn't mind at all. he expected wonwoo to feel unsafe a little bit so he said, "just hold on tight to me and you'll be okay." mingyu gave him a reassuring smile that managed to ease some of wonwoo's worries.

wonwoo wore the helmet and sat down behind mingyu. he wrapped his arms around mingyu's torso, feeling a slight blush creep onto his cheeks as he's never been in such close contact with someone like this. even mingyu had a weird feeling in his stomach, one he has never experienced before but chose to ignore it.

mingyu promised to not go as fast as he usually would, not wanting wonwoo to feel uncomfortable, but even just a speed that wasn't as fast made wonwoo hug mingyu tighter.

after stopping and reaching their desination, wonwoo stepped off the motorcycle and immediately felt dizzy and wanting to throw up. mingyu offered him a water bottle and wonwoo drank it in an instant, his stomach's uneasy feeling going away.

letting wonwoo calm down from the ride, mingyu went to look around for a blank wall. wonwoo soon joined him and asked the younger, "where are we?" he hugged his arms close to his chest because the place mingyu brought them to wasn't very welcoming.

"we're here to practice your graffiti skills." mingyu says proudly and wonwoo chokes on his own saliva.

"we're what?!" his eyes go out of his orbs for a second and mingyu chuckled at the cute reaction.

"do you pretend to just draw something on the school's back wall and leave? not knowing how to use the spray paint at all?" he asks and wonwoo pouts, knowing mingyu was right.

"why did i agree to this?" wonwoo mutters under his breath.

"because you secretly want to spend more time with me."

"it's hard enough being with you in our tutor sessions. don't be too full of yourself, honey." wonwoo rolls his eyes, grabbing the half empty can filled with paint that mingyu was holding out.

"oh my god! the first pet name! we're making progress." mingyu teases, making wonwoo want to hit him.

instead, he turns around to the empty wall and tries to ignore the piercing eyes looking at him from behind as he begins to draw the first traces of paint.

wonwoo would be lying if he said he wasn't intimidated by mingyu. in fact, he found it weird how the younger can make him nervous sometimes—like right now—and how, other times, he feels like has known him forever.

the boy dressed in a leather jacket and black boots hummed a song softly as he witnessed how wonwoo's hand moves to create a graffiti. he was impressed when he saw wonwoo not doing the typical signature and go, but he actually took more time to draw something more meaningful.

"i'm done." he says after a while, taking a step back from the wall and glancing at mingyu, the little strands of hair that have fallen to his forehead brush over his eyes gently.

"good job." mingyu looks up at him from the floor on which he previously seated, sucking on a lollipop he always carried in his pocket. "do you want to taste it?" he takes the lollipop out of his mouth and offers it to wonwoo. the latter makes a disgusted face and pushes mingyu's hand away rapidly but gently.

"it has your spit! ew, no!" wonwoo refuses immediately, mingyu laughs out loud.

"oh no! i really wanted that indirect kiss." he fakes a pout.

"i want to punch you so bad right now." wonwoo admits and mingyu nods.

"i'll take that as a 'thank you for letting me pour my feelings into something as cool as graffiti.'" mingyu gets up from the floor and scoots as close as he can to wonwoo.

he looked down at wonwoo, invading his personal space all of a sudden. he took the lollipop and, without warning, puts it in wonwoo's mouth, which were lightly parted due to mingyu's sudden actions.

wonwoo's eyes widen once he realised what was happening, but mingyu was quick to take the sweet out of the elder's mouth and put it back into his.

"thanks for the indirect kiss." mingyu says and backs away after giving him one last smirk to wonwoo.

the poor boy was left frozen for a couple more seconds, not knowing that his cheeks were blushing like crazy and his eyes were as wide as two plates.

"kim mingyu!" he finally snapped out of the trance and screams, his eyebrows forming a frown and his lips curled into a pout.

mingyu just laughs and runs away as wonwoo chases after him.

"sir, i see two teenagers graffitiing." an officer says into his mic.

"right, catch them and bring them to the station."

day three.

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