1: Prologue

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Cold sweat.

Blood rush.

I stood gazing upon the countless bills cascading like a fallen facade, unable to comprehend. My mind was blank...too blank, to think.

I watched closely as he mouthed the words, abyss set eyes piercing through my entire being.

Don't falter now.

I take another big step towards the victims of his trade, knowing full well that the stacks upon stacks of bills were now mine. What once was lost, was returned. However, I didn't feel a sense of relief at all.


I was now,

...his property.


A tinker and tanker awakes me. I'm set back on square one, sitting relentlessly on the street curb.

Looking down closely, I notice a few coins on the ground next to my Birkenstocks. Damn. Must've thought I was a beggar.

It was only day one of my official bankruptcy, and I'm already looking like a top-rated beggar. My messy hair and ragged clothing were my tools of trade, and I was happy even getting a few quarters. I mean— it could at least buy me an apple, maybe.

"Morning news!" a newspaper boy avoids traffic as he bustles pass me, handing me one of the rolled newspapers. I took it.

"Toy reviewer revealed as a porn star. Parents shocked." I read. Why am I even reading this?

As I flip pass the pages, I notice a huge headline that caught my eye. 'Famous Con Artist released from prison. Public on the lookout.'

Jeon Jungkook. Age 21. A famous con artist that brought down companies such as Elite and Sportac™. Uses legal loopholes around the law to con the companies, but recently turned himself in after a very unexpected illegal attempt...

"A graduate from Harvard, Mr Jeon turned to the black market and conned various people who were infamous for operating illegal sweatshops. Many hail him as a hero, but the law says it's forbidden." I continue reading, intrigued by the article.


Hero? Con Artist?

"I should ask him for help!" a naive thought crosses my mind. "I'm sure he has a good heart."

And so I headed out to find him.

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