You and me time

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Dee pov

I was on my way to the stadium to see Roddy perform and I don't know why but I was so nervous and I could feel butterflies in my stomach and I didn't know if it it was because of the baby or because of him but my heart beat started to quicken.

Nomi, Chris and Tavon was with me as well so I wouldn't be alone and once we finally arrived we missed the first half of his performance but it felt good to see him in his element.

Once he came off stage he came straight to me and gave me the biggest and longest hug and I knew for a fact Nomi was recording our intimate moment.

"I missed y'all " he said grabbing my face as he kissed me passionately

"We did too" I smiled as rubbed and kissed on my stomach.

"Damn you really carrying my son that's crazy as fuck" he said hugging me again.

"Damn so it's forget about us huh? You just gon act like you ain't see us nigga?" Chris said walking up to us making Roddy laugh and he dapped up Chris and Tavon and gave Nomi a hug.

"I got a meet and greet I gotta take a couple of pics with my VIP fans so y'all can head out to the hotel and I'll be there in like a hour" Roddy said and everyone nodded.

"I'ma see you soon" he said kissing me one more time before he left and me and the crew made our way to the hotel we all had our own rooms except for Nomi and Chris but we all chilled in there room until Roddy came back which took about two hours.

We all laughed and chilled for literally a minute before Roddy decided that it was time for us to leave.

"I don't even want to fuck cause I'm way too tired I just want you to myself right now" he said kissing my lips and I kissed him back.

"You haven't been getting enough sleep?" I questioned as I rubbed my fingers through his hair.

"No cause I got so used to sleeping next you and I feel like I can't fully sleep if I'm not home it's hard as fuck to trust people cause niggas will really try to kill you" he said

"Wow that's crazy" I said not knowing what else to say and he yawned making me yawn.

"You okay tho I know I've been gone.. you straight?"

"Umm.. yeah I'm ok" I said and he looked up at me

"You don't sound sure. Don't lie to me Dee let me know how you feel cause I genuinely want to know"

"I'm good" I said and he got up turning on his light.

"Sit up" he said and I sat up and he sat in-front of me

"You saying you ok but that's not what other people telling me"

"Who told you I wasn't okay" I said

"That's not important shorty your feelings are and I don't like the fact that you lying to me. Tell me how you really feel." He said and I took a deep breath

"I've just been sad lately and I don't know why. It's not because of you because I'm really happy for you and I'm glad that you're living out your dreams so I don't know I'm just confused because I will have sudden urges to cry for literally no reason" I said

"So is it because you pregnant?" He questioned

"Nooo it's not that" I said

"I'm not understanding"

"At this point me neither" I said and he just stared at me making me nervous so I broke eye contact.

"If you really want me there just tell me and I'll cancel some shows I know it's prolly hard for you cause I haven't been there for you. I haven't been to none of the doctors appointments or anything and I don't want you to feel like I'm not there for you" he said and that really struck a nerve because he really didn't go to any of my appointments not even one. Tavon was the main one who went with me and we've got mistaken for a couple plenty of times.

"Dee stop crying" he said hugging me and I tried to get myself together.

"Sorry" I said

"You don't got to apologize alright" he said and I nodded my head.

"You good?" He questioned

"Yea" I said rubbing my eyes

"You sleepy?"

"Yea" I said and he turned off the light

"Come here why you so far away" he said and I came closer to him and we started spooning.

"I'm glad that it's you who's carrying my son" he said rubbing on my belly and I could feel him kick.

"Oh shit is he kicking!" Roddy said getting up turning on the light.

"Yea I guess he happy too" I laughed

"Damn it hurt?" He questioned pulling out his phone out recording and he placed his hand back on my stomach making him kick.

"No not really" I said

"So what it feel like?"

"It feels like flutters in my stomach I don't really know how to describe it" I said truthfully

"That's crazy.. we need to give my mini me a name tho" I said

"He's gonna look like me" I said

"Tuh you crazy as hell my genetics stronger than yours" he said

"No it's not but I'm not bout to do this with you so what names you've been thinking of"

"I really fuck with the name Tahj" he said

"That's a cute name" I said

"What names you been thinking of ?"

"Ohani and we can call him O or baby O for short" I said and Roddy started busting out laughing.

"You not naming my son that hell nah" he laughed clenching his stomach.

"What's funny that's a cute name" I said a lil hurt

"It is but not for my son" he said settling down

"I'm the one who has to carry him for ten months so I feel like you shouldn't just throw away my ideas like that" I said and he smacked his teeth

"I deeply appreciate you" he said kissing my stomach

"But really Dee..Ohani sound a bit too feminine it really sound like a girl name" he said

"No it don't"

"Yes the fuck it does.. I don't know what the fuck you hearing" he said

"Okay whatever" I said turning off the light.

"You better not be mad Dee" he said laying next to me and he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm not mad" I said

"Oh ok that's what I thought" he said feeling on my ass and and I pushed his hand away.

"Stop playing with me" he said placing his hands in the shorts I had on  and he started sucking on my neck and I ain't stop him cause it's been way too long.
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