(Smairuhh) her secret corrupted heart

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So: at one point there's a baby who's given the temporary ID x_80k643. She (she decides at some point she is a she) is tended over by the Grandparents and given plenty of screen time to learn about color and fashion and content creation. She learns about authenticity and online etiquette. She learns about acceptance of difference and community service and the idea that sexuality and gender are spectrums, not binaries. She memorizes important historical brands, watches all the best shows, and studies the celebrity interactions that have shaped Wood2 and made it the perfect, lasting city that it is. She's given the space to explore her creativity and really get to know herself so that when the time comes she cans launch a successful brand and start giving back to the city that has invested so much her.

Growing up in the Secure Future Building for Babies is not all fun. It's scary sometimes, seeing kids she's grown up with suddenly display amazing talents - dancing, music, makeup, humor, fashion, buugeng, meme-building. As kids she grew up with head off to build their brands she's left behind to wonder what her path will be, freak out about whether she's ever going to stand out and be someone who matters, someone worth anyone else's attention. But at the same time she knows she was destined for something. She also knows that everyone is trained to think this way, but that doesn't change how true it feels. She is going to figure herself out, one way or another, eventually.


The thing is: you have to try. Everyone has to at least try, this is the central tenet of Wood2. You have to try to engage, try to be interesting, try to create drama and interest. It's your obligation to not just be part of the fabric of the city, but to shape it somehow. If you do, the city takes great care of you. You never want for anything. If you don't, well, the city will still take care of you. There are shelters and protein lines in the Thornes. But why would you want that? Success is community service, so you should always be giving back. Especially if you're rewarded with the things you want. Some of the things x_80k07 wants include:



She wants things, but not in any specific sort of way. Or: she wants to know why she doesn't want things more specifically. She feels broken in some way, in her lack of desire. It's terrifying, shameful, and she would rip out a Grandfather's eyes before she ever admitted it or acknowledged it to anyone or anything besides her own corrupted heart.

So: one day, after 10 years of learning and growing and thriving in the Secure Future Building for Babies, one of the Grandfathers wakes her up early in the morning and says it's time. It's Personhood Day.

She dresses, for the last time, in the plain, brand-less clothing given to all the babies. She has no belongings to gather, because she owns nothing. No one to say goodbye to, because everyone is online. Grandfather walks her to the waiting car and they drive to the Tower. He brings her into the Tower and into an elevator and they emerge onto a long, dim hallway lined with identical closed doors. Grandfather guides her along, passing a few of the doors, until he stops and opens one for her.

He stoops down, with some difficulty, to be eye-level with her.

"Are you ready?" he asks, smiling.

"I'm ready."

"Any questions dear? Anything I can do to be of service to you one last time?"

She hesitates, then shakes her head no.

"Happy Personhood Day," Grandfather says, guiding her into the room and closing the door behind her.

It's dark, until the soft lights snap on. There's a chair, and a screen shaped like a table. She sits, and the screen asks her to place her hands on it, and she does.

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