The Immortals: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Violet's point of view

 I woke at 6:30 to the sound of my alarm clock filling my ears. It was Monday; school time. I groaned, slamming the 'off' button and crawling out of bed. I grabbed a towel, walking out of my room and into the shower. I stripped down, hopping in and letting the warm water wake me up. When I was finished, I slipped out, wrapping the fluffy towel around my body, and grabbing one of the thinner ones in the bathroom for my hair. I wandered into my closet, picking out a long  blue shirt that complemented my eyes, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, and brown leather boots. I changed quickly, then walked back into the bathroom, whipping out the blow-dryer and drying my hair. After, I brushed my teeth and put minimal make-up on; mascara and a thin layer of eye-liner.

I looked my appearance over in the mirror, satisfied. I went over and grabbed my school bag, throwing it over my shoulder and heading downstairs. Laura had French Toast waiting for me on the table and I smiled, sitting down and devouring in in minutes. My eyes flicked towards the clock; 7:15. School started at 8, but you wanted to be there by 7:35 if you wanted to do anything or get a good parking spot. I slipped my phone out of my pocket and into my bag, even though I knew nobody was going to text or call. The realization saddened me, and I looked down as I carried my plate over to the sink, rinsing it off and depositing it in the dishwasher. I looked at my giant house; just a big, empty space, with only two people to fill it. Not even related. i sighed, picking up my bag off the chair back. You can't always have what you want. And right now, what I wanted was a friend. 

Eques' point of view

I watched her as she performed her daily routine and headed downstairs to eat something that looked like bread. When she put her cell phone in her bag, an expression of sadness crossed her face. My heart clenched, I hated to see that look. It made me wan to swoop down and cradle her in my arms, make her feel better. But she barely knew me, so  couldn't do that. I sighed, watching her as she gathered up her stuff and walked away; into the garage, I assumed. She pulled out of the garage in her car, making her way down the winding road, towards the school. I wondered what human school was like, I knew that it had to be different than Immortal school. For one, they didn't have wings. I chuckled, imagining a human trying to participate in flying tactics class. I felt the breeze swirl around me and looked over, seeing Lumos land next to me. She was one of my dear friends, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and white wings. Lumos was very upbeat, and she was always smiling and laughing. Her eyes twinkled as she looked up at me.

"Spying again, lovestruck?" She teased, poking me an the side.

I laughed, nodding. "But I'll be leaving soon, she's heading off to school." 

"In that case, do you want to go flying with me?" Lumos asked. 

"Sounds good." I said, extending out my wings. Lumos did the same, bending her knees. We leaped into the air, out wing beats in sync, and flew up into the clouds. We flew silently  next to each other, the only sound was the beat of our wings and our heavy breathing. After about an hour we stopped, hanging in mid air. We whispered the entrance words, holding hands as we transported to stay together. We let go as we got to the gates, nodding and walking in. Heading towards town square, we chatted about Lumos and how her life was going; she worked for the hospital in the wing repair department, and she was enjoying healing patients. Recently, a man came in with a broken wing beyond repair. His heart broke when he heard the news, and mine panged with sympathy. Losing your ability to fly is like losing all the enjoyment out of life. This didn't happen to many citizens, we were a fairly safe people. It was a huge tragedy when something like that happened. I bowed my head momentarily, and then we continued to talk about other things.

We flitted in and out of the shops, Lumos got a new pair of sandals, and I got a more modern looking jacket. After we finished, We parted ways with a  hug and promises to talk soon. I made my way back to the palace, going to the kitchen to get a sandwich from one of the cooks always on hand. I said a quick thank-you and headed upstairs, devouring my meat and cheese sandwich. When I entered my room, it was gone. I flopped down onto my bed, licking my fingers smiling. It had been a good day, I hadn't talked to Lumos in a while, too long. If I wasn't so hung up on Violet, I think we might have had a future. But that's not how it is, and we are just great friends. I looked at the dark sky, shedding my clothes and crawling into bed.

I needed to find something to do with my life.


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