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Fractured (Bulletproof Sequel)

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It's been seven years since high school sweethearts Tyler and Franny left for college and subsequently lost contact. Now, with heaps of baggage and piling loneliness, the two end up meeting again and a lot of unresolved feelings come fighting back to the surface.


Here is a recap for those that don't want to re-read or for those reading this story as a standalone:

Tyler and Franny met in high school and fell in love. Tyler was an underground fighter (which he had turned to in anger after finding out he was adopted and his parents were biologically his aunt and uncle). Shit went down but everything worked itself out. They graduated high school but went to different schools in different states and broke up.

Tyler was the popular boy in school and was football captain but dropped it all when he turned to underground fighting. At the end of Bulletproof, he talks to his coach about trying again to get into football as a career.

Tally is Franny's best friend from high school, she is bisexual and the two have grown to be sisters. 

Ethan is Tyler's best friend from high school, he is one year older than them all.

Kyle is Tyler's friend from college and a new character so don't worry about backstory for him, it will be written.


- Ellie x

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