The Cliffs

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Chapter Thirty

"!" Clary screams, making the adrenaline pump through my limbs furiously.

I throw my body off the cliff, Clary and Olivia following close behind me.

A scream rips out of my throat, as my body is plunged into icy cold water.

As soon as I am submerged, I begin to kick my feet back up to the surface.

"That was fucking crazy!" Olivia squeals as we all gasp for air at the surface.

I nodded, my chest rising and falling quickly.

Clary grins, her blonde hair plastered to her cheeks.

"I told you guys this would be fun." Clary chided, swimming in circles around us.

I tilt my head back, floating on my back as I stare up at the watercolor sky.

It was approaching evening, and Clary, Olivia, and I had run out of things to do a while ago.

Brooks and Will had been in meetings all day, and Cal was off doing god knows what.

So Clary took us to her favorite spot on the edge of the territory.

The swimsuit that I wore was borrowed from Clary, and showed more skin then I would have liked- but, today was so much fun.

"What do you think the boys are up to?" Olivia frowns, playing with the strings in her bathing suit.

I shrugged, hoping to see Brooks soon.

As dumb as it sounded, I kind of missed him.

"How's married life treating you, Liv?" Clary asks, a small smirk on her face.

Olivia blushes, "It's fantastic."

I smile at her answer.

"Any, pups in the oven yet?" Clary wiggles her brows, making me chuckle loudly.

Olivia splashes us, her jaw open widely at us.

"Absolutely not, at least not right now." She shakes her head, rolling her eyes.

I glanced down at the dark blue water, smiling as I thought of having children with Brooks.

I would hope they would have his looks, and his unapologetic kindness for others.

"What are you girls doing down there?" A voice calls from the cliff above us.

All of us crane our necks to look at three men, who looked very confused.

Brooks' blue eyes were staring me down, a calm look on his face as he looked over the side of the rock with Cal and Will next to him.

"We're swimming, duh." Olivia rolls her eyes at Will.

"Come on in boys, the water is fine!" Clary chuckles, making me raise my brows towards Brooks playfully.

"Hell no, the water is freezing this time of year!" Will shook his head, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"Yeah, and there could be sharks." Cal glanced around the water with worried eyes.

Clary snorted, "I've been swimming here since I was a kid...there aren't any sharks in this bay."

"No, I'm not coming in." Cal stomped just foot like a child.

Will nodded in agreement.

I move my eyes towards my handsome mate, a playful look in my eyes as I motioned for him to come to me.

He smirked down at me, tearing off his shirt immediately.

I took in his hard abdomen, biting my lip as he jumps off the cliff in one smooth motion.

Clary and Olivia scream in encouragement, as Brooks' body splashed into the water gracefully.

I turn my head to the side, water raining down on my face from his entrance.

Then, warm hands grab my hips making me jump as a smirking Brooks resurfaces right in front of me.

His dark hair clings to his face, his blue eyes looking alive as he stares deeply at me.

"Hi." He says quietly.

A blush takes over my face, as I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me.

I wrap my legs around his waist, enjoying the warmth from his body.

His large hands settle themselves on my ass, making me slap his chest as he smirks devilishly.

"Great, Brooks now you're making us look like a couple of pussies." Will screams down at us.

Brooks snorts, "I think you're doing a bang up job of that yourselves."

Will flops Brooks off, Cal looking over the cliff with furrowed brows.

"Come on, sweets. You can do it!" Clary smiles at Cal, holding her arms out like a child.

"It's only thirty feet!" Olivia laughs, motioning for Will to jump.

Brooks chuckles at his friends, holding me tighter to his body.

I wiggle in his hold, turning around so my back pressed against his chest.

His hand clasped on the bare skin of my stomach, as I leaned my head back on him and watched my friends.

Cal and Will seemed to have decided to jump, as they stand on the edge of the cliff with worried expressions.

"3,2,1!" We all chorus, and on one the two men scream like little girls as they plunge into the water.

We all laugh as we're splashed by water.

Brooks turns me away from the splash, the water hitting the back of his body.

Cal breaks the water first, landing a sloppy kiss on a smiling Clary.

Will shoots out of the water like a great white shark, lifting Olivia with him

She lets out a squeal as he spins her around and kisses her.

I smile to myself, breaking out of Brooks hold and swimming farther into the ocean.

He follows close behind, as we get some distance from the others.

I tread the water, my eyes planted on the milky sky, that was painted in gorgeous pinks and oranges.

Brooks swims up next to me, his face highlighted by the glow of the setting sun.

"You look gorgeous right now." He mumbles, his eyes planted on my face rather than the sky in front of us.

I smile at him, moving closer to his body.

"I missed you today." I blurt out, feeling like a clingy girlfriend.

He lifts a brow at my red face.

"I missed you too, but I think we found a way to get you out of the marriage arrangement with the King." His teeth clenches, making his jaw line more dominant.

"How?" I ask with my head tilted.

He glances at me, his face softening.

"Let's enjoy this moment, I'll fill you in later." He says quietly, pulling my body towards his in the water.

My heart sped up as his lips crashed down onto mine, working against them in a fiery way.

I played with the hair in the nape of his neck, enjoying the feeling of having him all to myself.

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