#19 bump in the night

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k.mbappe halloween nights

Location Paris, France

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username15 boy if you don't get your ass back to savanna ASAP

username56 love this🤤

username13 does Giovanna know what halloween actually is?

neymarjr MON FRÈRE😈

username12 I'm in love with the effort everyone has put into their costumes this year

username87 Kylian and Giovanna look so good together😍😍

giovannaricci 🤤

username6 Neymar and Kylian look SOOOO good

username8 Kylian turned up with Giovanna and they both look amazing, Savanna turned up with Ruben and they also look amazing, this is some fierce competition and I'm loving every second

username22 AMEN


"So yeah I just wanted to run it past you just to make sure your alright with it", Ruben said to me. I wanted so badly to roll my eyes in his face but I didn't fancy starting an argument tonight.

"Of course bro, I understand", I nodded holding my drink just able to hear him over the loud music. "I appreciate you coming to talk to me, I really do. But uh yeah, you have my blessing, Savanna's single and if you like her then, all the best to you and I hope it works out for you both".

"Oh brilliant, thanks bro", he said giving me a bro hug. Urgh just fuck off already, I didn't need him rubbing the fact he was getting with Savanna in my face...oh shit did I really just say that? What the fuck? I don't know where the hell that came from since I no longer wanted to be with her. Maybe it's the drink getting to my head, well I hope it's the drink anyway.

"No problem, just look after her", I nodded with a slight smile seeing him pick up the tray which had all the drinks he ordered on. "None of them are for Sav are they?", I questioned without thinking, of course they aren't Kylian you dickhead, you know she's smart enough to know not to drink this late in her pregnancy.

"Don't worry bro, these are all for me", he joked as I forced a laugh. He wasn't very funny was he but if Sav liked him I guess I had to put up with him. He was actually annoyingly handsome, it was annoying because I saw he was getting a lot of female attention, I mean good for him but I just hope it doesn't tempt his head to turn away and hurt Sav. Coming from me, I know that doesn't sound the best.

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