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Of course we love books…

Hello everyone, and welcome to another tag! Today I'm going to be doing the ‘We Love Books’ tag. Couldn't find the original video, so I put in abookaffair's video in the media. She's a great BookTuber; go subscribe to her channel! :D

This tag consists of 11 questions that I have to answer, and the reason it’s called the ‘We Love Books’ Tag is because if you take the first letter of each question, it spells ‘we love books’. So…yeah, let’s get to this tag!!!

What one book from your collection would you keep if all the rest had to be thrown out or taken away? (Just ONE book).

I hate these questions…

Hmmm… I know! I’d pick the heaviest book I own (that would be Inheritance by Christopher Paolini) so I can give whoever is throwing/taking away my books a well-deserved, good ol’ bonk on the head.

No one touches my books. No one.

Each time you read, do you like to have something to munch on or drink next to you?


I have a feeling not many people like this, because it’s messy and whatever you're eating/drinking might fall on your book, but I personally have become adept at preventing this national disaster and yes, I like having something to eat or drink when I'm reading. What I eat or drink depends on the feel, or rather mood of the book. Light hearted and fun equals some juice. Dark and heavy equals a snack.


Love of books: When did it start and what was one of the first books that you read?

I was born with a book.

No, that’s not true. But I developed a taste for reading at a very young age, courtesy of my parents. My dad would occasionally pick up some books for me, that I judged for their covers (…sorry) and I’d end up liking them anyway. So I learned that lesson very young.

As for my first reading collection…I distinctly remember starting off with Enid Blyton, but I also read quite a few Indian authors and Roald Dahl. That’s all I actually remember; but when I'm asked which the first book I ever read was, I always say The Mystery of the Strange Messages by Enid Blyton.

One book you would never go back and re-read ever?

Divergent by Veronica Roth. Words miserably fail to describe how disappointed I was with this book.

Yes, that’s all I'm gonna say about it.

Very romantic or very full of action?


The day I choose romantic books over action packed ones will be the day flying pigs come into existence. And I do not much like the idea of flying pigs, so I’ll choose an action packed (with minimum or preferably no romance) book over a romantic one any day.

End of a book: cliff-hanger or no cliff-hanger?


Yup. Cliff-hanger. Cliff-hangers, as much as we dislike them, are actually what keep us readers motivated to read more about the characters, plots, world etc. I also enjoy the uncertainty that comes with cliff-hangers: what’s going to happen next? And of course, don’t we all enjoy making theories and predicting what happens next?

So yes, I’ll be going with a cliff-hanger.


Big books or small books?

Huge books.

Only one genre or a mixture?

A mixture, definitely. Wouldn’t only one genre be a bit boring?

Olden day books, present day, or future? (Victorian era type, present day, dystopian).


I’ve read books from all the different timelines, and I like all of them. I don’t really mind when the story takes place as long it’s a good one with great characters and lots of details so I can imagine where the book is taking place.

Katniss or Hermione?

With due respect to the person who created the tag, I feel this question was put because there was no other question that could be formed that began with the letter ‘K’.

But anyway… I choose Hermione. It was an easy decision. As much as I like Katniss, I feel Hermione is more…kaleidoscopic, you know? No, wait. That was too big a word. Hermione has more layers as a character, is what I feel. Katniss is a good strong character but Hermione is for me, better in quite a lot of ways.

Stand alone or series?

Series all the way!

I feel with series you have more time to build up the world, the characters, make the plot more twisted and interesting, and you get so attached to the characters you know? You connect better and you can see the changes they undergo personality-wise and all that stuff.

Also, I haven’t really read those many stand-alone books to consider myself a good judge, but I have read a LOT of series, so I know how that feels.

And that was all I had for another marvellous tag; I actually like having to answer questions that don’t require me to choose between so many books and characters. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed the tag, and I hope you have a great time, and I will see you soon! Goodbye!

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