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liyah poveditedsame night

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liyah pov
same night

"ouuuh joe" i moaned his name pushing his head down.

after kentrell left everybody left except joe. he told me he had felt bad about what kentrell did so he stayed and comforted me.

and one thing turned into a next.

"keep going" i whined moving my hips around.

i was letting all my problems out. and it felt so good.

"stop moving" joe said sending vibrations down my body.

kentrell ain't never did this before.

my phone started ringing and it was kentrells mom.

what she calling me this late for.

it was 12 and i still ain't go ta sleep.

i answered the phone.

"hello" i said moaning into the phone.

"come to the hospital" she said sounding like she was crying.

"for what" i asked trying to move from joe but he didn't let me.

i heard her mumble something in the phone but couldn't hear her.

"i-i'll call u back tomorrow"

"why u moaning" she asked while sniffling.

i just hung up on her.

"i-ight joe stop" i said pushing his head making him move.

"don't say a word about this ta kentrell" he said making me nod my head.

i think i fucked up......

next day
after school

i didn't get a chance to call sheronda back. and i haven't heard from kentrell. but alll the boys been blowing my phone up and i ignored it.

joe was outside waiting for me to come out.

i walked outside seeing him on the hood of the car.

"hey" i said pecking his lips then got into the car

we was in my room chilling when my dad busted in my room.

"why u ain't at the hospital" he asked with red eyes like he been crying. and then he looked at joe.

"and y'all getting real close" he said then looked back at me.

"whatchu mean why i ain't at the hospital. and me and joe don't got nothing going on chill" i said rolling my eyes.

"u ain't heard? kentrell got into a car accident yesterday night." he said making me jump off my bed walking out the room.

omg i thought to myself.

kentrell in the hospital and while he is, i'm messing with his bro.

i got into my car and sped off ta the hospital not caring what the sped limit was.

"kentrell gaulden" i said while tears dropped out my eyes.

she told me the room number and i ran as fast as i could.

when i walked in all eyes were on me.

sheronda stood up.

"and where the hell was u. yo bestfriend sitting up here in the hospital and u just living yo best life" she screamed at me crying.

"ma chill. fuck her. she fucking the bro anyway" kentrell said staring dead at me.

when he said that my heart dropped.

i looked around the room and the gang was mugging me.

"kentrell wha-" i started but got cut of.

"naw shut up. april told me she heard y'all last night. fuck you" he spat with so much hurt in his voice.

"i ain't mean for that to happen" i said now full blown crying.

"fuck yo tears. and i ain't even do nun with april. that's fucked up. and u gone tell me ta die when i ain't do shit" he said and i watched a tear drop from his eye.

"u better off leaving" three said standing up pushing me out.

"and tell that nigga joe it's up" kentrell said before i walked out.

i ain't even try to go back in thea. i deserved it.

i fucked up..... bad

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