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"i'm sorry that you had to go through that." mingyu apologised again. "now i feel bad for provoking you and making fun of you all the time."

wonwoo showed mingyu a small smile. "it's okay. you didn't know."

"but it doesn't mean i won't stop annoying you." he reminded wonwoo, making the elder laugh and say, "i wouldn't expect anything less."

the following hours consisted of the two talking about anything and everything. you could even say that they had become friends, but of course, they would both deny that assumption. they would say that they just talked to each other out of boredom and not having anything else to do. which we all know isn't true.

and for the first time, wonwoo has seen mingyu genuinely smile. usually, the younger would scowl and show sarcastic smiles and smirks to wonwoo, but whenever he told mingyu a stupid pun or made jokes, mingyu actually smiled, one wide enough to show his little canine teeth that make him look like a puppy, along with his ruffled, messy hair. "you know, you should smile more often. it looks good on you." wonwoo interrupted, making mingyu stop and look up at wonwoo.

mingyu scoffed. "most bad boys don't smile, so what makes you think i'm going to smile more just because you said so." but wonwoo only chuckles.

"please, you're not as rebellious as you say you are. sure you've graffiti all over the city, but maybe you were just trying something out."

"i am too!"

"no you're not! you. are. a. soft. boy." wonwoo laughed, emphasising every word that mingyu was indeed a soft boy.

"i almost got expelled three times last year, how bad is your definition of bad?" mingyu asked.

wonwoo scoffed, "oh please, nowadays people get expelled for everything. i'm sure what you did wasn't that bad." mingyu rolled his eyes at wonwoo's assumption. wonwoo continued, "in fact, i bet i could do those things and get away with them!"

mingyu smirked at his challenge, already knowing in his mind that wonwoo was already nervous at missing school today. he lifted his brow, "oh really? you wanna bet?"

"why not?" he shrugged.

"okay. so if you get away with the things that almost got me expelled, i'll publicly announce that i'm not a bad boy and that i've never been one. and if i win, you'll have to do what i tell you for a week." mingyu said, already excited and expecting wonwoo to fail every task he'll give him.

but from mingyu's proposal, wonwoo was worried so he asked, "let me know what i have to do first."

mingyu shook his head. "nope, you gotta accept the deal first."

wonwoo groaned. "ugh, fine. i accept." shaking mingyu's hand the younger held out. "now tell me what you did."

mingyu giggled to himself, rubbing his hands together. "oh man this is gonna be so much fun."

"tell me!"

"okay, okay. geez." mingyu said. "i painted graffiti on the back wall of the school, i stole the answers to an exam, and i got caught having sex in the school's bathroom."

oh my fucking god, what did i just agree to, is what wonwoo thought to himself. wonwoo's jaw dropped, making mingyu laugh. even mingyu couldn't believe that he was able to get away with those things, but it was a close call. mingyu stuck out his hand to physically close wonwoo's mouth. "you okay there?"

wonwoo was speechless. "i- i'm really gonna die."

mingyu chuckled. "probably."

"so when are we starting?" he asked, making himself more comfortable on the rock he was sitting on.

"we could get into it right away," mingyu suggested. "but you need to get used to the things i do in order to succeed in your task."

wonwoo, in a mono-toned voice, asked, "you're having so much fun with this, aren't you?"

mingyu smirked and nodded, "yup. anyway, tomorrow after school, we're going out."

"i have a council meeting tomorrow."

"then i'll wait for you." mingyu simply said, surprising wonwoo.


mingyu nodded. "yeah, is that weird?"

wonwoo shrugged. "i don't know, waiting for people doesn't seem like a characteristic of yours."

"whatever, let's turn you into a bad boy." mingyu said with slight excitement in his voice.

"i'm not turning into a bad boy. i'm just proving to you that i can do those things without getting caught." wonwoo sighed. "aside from this, we're still having our daily tutor sessions. just because i agreed to do this, doesn't mean you can slack off your studies!" he reminded.

mingyu only smirked. "sure thing, baby."

in wonwoo's mind, he thought that he was already doing a bad job at the principal's task in reforming mingyu, only focusing on the academic aspect of reforming the younger. what wonwoo failed to notice was that, even after only two days of spending time with the delinquent, mingyu was getting better.

mingyu enjoyed wonwoo's company (although he'd deny that he just likes being with wonwoo to annoy him), and it was nice having someone different o hang around with. sure, he had minghao and seokmin, but the two would always have other things to do. maybe it was because wonwoo was different from his friends. maybe that's what made mingyu so curious about wonwoo, wanting to figure the elder out.

mingyu started noticing the little actions wonwoo did and he himself reacted to it. and it was... different. different from when he was with his friends, classmates, teachers. his actions were even different from how he was before he turned out like this. and it made him confused.

why was he acting like this?

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